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Breckin Meyer's Quotes

Breckin Meyer profile photo

Born: 1974-05-07
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Breckin Meyer

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I think it can be fun to be single and date-like when you don't want a relationship. Or when you've just gotten out of a relationship, and, after get over the initial shock, your thinking, Hey, it's kind of cool being single.

Tags: Cool, Fun, Single

I once threw a water balloon on a girl because I caught her cheating on me. She was kissing my friend and I thought, 'Oh, this can't be happening.' It was bad and I was much older than you think throwing a water balloon. I was 14.

Tags: Bad, Friend, Girl

For awhile, I got stupid about only wanting a leading-man role, but I have no illusions. I know I'm not Brad Pitt.

Tags: Role, Stupid, Wanting

I am really Method-y.

Tags: Good, Ipod

It's always fun when you're doing the CGI stuff, to actually get to work with someone who is real, who's there.

Tags: Fun, Someone, Work

My character is not flawless.

Tags: Character, Flawless

My high school girlfriend would ask if I finally learned how to unbutton the back of a sweater!

Tags: Girlfriend, Learned, School

My idols are Richard Dreyfuss, Michael Keaton, John Goodman. Maybe that's what I want for me.

Tags: Idols, John, Maybe

With a sequel you're always trying to get bigger and better.

Tags: Bigger, Sequel, Trying

You know how it is. Every time you kiss someone else, in a way you always remember that very first time.

Tags: Remember, Someone, Time

I think reading is important for a variety of things. I mean, first of all, it's a way to get information and find out what's going on in the world. But also, it helps your imagination.

Tags: Mean, Reading, Variety

It's just I hate reading the description 'offbeat' about a character in a script, because I, along with Seth Green, Jamie Kennedy and a few others, have cornered the market on 'offbeat.'

Tags: Character, Hate, Others

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