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Brian Grazer's Quotes

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Born: 1951-07-12
Profession: Producer
Nation: American
Biography of Brian Grazer

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I like BBC news; I like some London news because you can get it earlier then anywhere else. I like Charlie Rose a lot.

Tags: Else, News, Rose

I only make movies that are interesting to me.

Tags: Movies

I started in TV movies and then had success in my move to features with 'Night Shift' and 'Splash'.

Tags: Movies, Night, Success

I was 45 years old when I decided to learn how to surf.

Tags: Decided, Learn, Old

I like learning stuff. The more information you can get about a person or a subject, the more you can pour into a potential project. I made a decision to do different things. I want to do things that have a better chance of being thought of as original. I do everything I can to disrupt my comfort zone.

Tags: Decision, Learning, Thought

I probably should have a brand, but I think you can't get the best artists to work for you if you're branded. I get the trade-off, and I really would like to be more famous for my work, get more credit for my achievements.

Tags: Best, Famous, Work

Nothing to me is unexpected. No disappointment is unexpected - whether it's movies or people or relationships. I'm always ready for the punch directly between the eyes. So I get hurt, but I never get hurt. Happens all the time.

Tags: Hurt, Movies, Time

The Porsche was just a vehicle to get to another place. I used it to change people's perceptions of me. I had grown up really middle class. USC was filled with elitists, richies who would go skiing every weekend. So I pretended like I was part of that world - to be accepted.

Tags: Another, Change, Place

There is evidence that people do want to watch shows back to back - that's why DVR use is so high. When you're able to DVR something, people will watch more than one episode.

Tags: Able, High, Why

They say that life is tough enough. But I guess I like to make things difficult on myself, because I do that all the time. Every day and on purpose. That's because I believe in disrupting my comfort zone.

Tags: Enough, Life, Time

When I first started out in the entertainment business, I made a list of people I thought it would be good to meet. Not people who could give me a job or a deal, but people who could shake me up, teach me something, challenge my ideas about myself and the world.

Tags: Business, Good, Job

You have to trust yourself, not research. Not testing. Testing helps, but you have to trust your own taste. If your taste says something isn't any good, don't let research rationalize that out of its own truth.

Tags: Good, Trust, Truth
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