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Brody Armstrong's Quotes

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Born: 1979-01-01
Profession: Musician
Nation: Australian
Biography of Brody Armstrong

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When you meet someone for the first time, that's not the whole book. That's just the first page.

Tags: Book, Someone, Time

A drummer is usually like the backbone.

Tags: Backbone, Drummer

All I've ever wanted to do was play music and go on the road and make records.

Tags: Music, Road, Wanted

Dante didn't work out, and then we found Ryan. He worked at a comic, record and toy store in Fremont.

Tags: Found, Work, Worked

I guess to just keep playing music; to just keep outdoing the last record.

Tags: Keep, Last, Music

I really wanted to work hard on my lyrics.

Tags: Hard, Wanted, Work

We also listen to PJ Harvey; a lot of driving music. You need something a little more relaxing in the car.

Tags: Car, Listen, Music

We drink VB, Victoria Bitter, which is way better.

Tags: Bitter, Drink, Victoria

We loved Andy, so we wanted to keep him. He was in both bands, but Nerve Agents broke up.

Tags: Him, Keep, Wanted

It's not important to how the band functions or to what we do. That's just many people's opinions on what they see. A lot of people project stuff on you, but that's okay.

Tags: Band, Opinions, Stuff

Final thoughts are so, you know, final. Let's call them closing words.

Tags: Call, Thoughts, Words

It's all about being flexible, and avoiding choices whenever possible. Choices suck, they are inherently limiting.

Tags: Avoiding, Choices, Possible

Well, I decided earlier this year that I would run for president, and obviously I needed something to run on.

Tags: President, Run, Year

I believe we can and should have it all. Lower deficits but higher spending. More peace with a bigger military that goes off and kills terrorists and whatnot. A cleaner environment without forcing SUVs off the road.

Tags: Off, Peace, Road

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