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Buffy Sainte-Marie's Quotes

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Born: 1941-02-20
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Buffy Sainte-Marie

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Digital imaging allows both groups to rise above the limitations of mess and clutter and mechanics, and apply our talents to creating images limited only by our imaginations.

Tags: Above, Both, Rise

Instead of kids just hearing about beads and baskets and fringe, and about what 'was' and 'were,' we present Native American culture as a living contemporary culture.

Tags: American, Kids, Living

Another time factor is output: proofing and printing. That is, getting your work out of the computer and onto paper and having it satisfy you. It can be time consuming and expensive.

Tags: Another, Time, Work

As a teenager I started painting and playing guitar.

Tags: Guitar, Playing, Started

By looking at the questions the kids are asking, we learn the scope of what needs to be done.

Tags: Done, Kids, Learn

Digital art software has empowered both the painterly side of photographers, and the photographer side of painters.

Tags: Art, Both, Side

I work closely with the printer to get the final print the way I want it.

Tags: Final, Print, Work

My first Macintosh was a 128k machine which I upgraded to 512k the minute it became possible.

Tags: Machine, Minute, Possible

Once an artist explores the vast variety of tools and features available on the great programs, we're hooked.

Tags: Artist, Great, Once

Sixteen million colors in your palette are hard for any artist, especially a beginner, to turn down.

Tags: Artist, Hard, Turn

That is, an artist who creates lots of work probably experiences prolific days and slower days.

Tags: Artist, Days, Work

The artistic process in digital art is very much the same as for making other kinds of paintings.

Tags: Art, Making, Process

The key is in remaining just aloof enough from a painting so that you know when to stop.

Tags: Enough, Painting, Stop

The time I save setting up and cleaning up probably balances out by the time I spend on output.

Tags: Cleaning, Spend, Time

But in the old days, visual artists used to fall into two distinct categories: those of us who created images with cameras and those of us who applied stuff onto other stuff, with brushes or other tools.

Tags: Days, Old, Used

If I'm interrupted, it's just a minor inconvenience, but not a disaster, because it's easy to get back where I was: that is, the paint has not changed consistency; the light has not moved.

Tags: Changed, Easy, Light

The paintings are transferred from my computer to a disk, and I can hand it to the printer this way; or I can modem the painting to the printer over the phone lines from my house in Hawaii.

Tags: Hand, House, Painting

We also have the option of scanning in an image from outside the computer... a photo, or a sketch done with traditional tools; and we can then paint, manipulate, process, change, and further develop the image within the computer, watching our progress on the monitor.

Tags: Change, Done, Progress

When we draw on the tablet, the drawing shows up on the computer screen. If we have chosen to tell the computer that the stylist is to behave like a piece of chalk, or a pen, or a wet brush, it will.

Tags: Drawing, Shows, Tell
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