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Carnie Wilson's Quotes

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Born: 1968-04-29
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Carnie Wilson

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I have a real issue with radio these days. I just am not into the current music.

Tags: Days, Music, Real

I have to be a teacher to my daughters.

Tags: Daughters, Teacher

I mean, moderation, not deprivation. That's my new way of living.

Tags: Living, Mean, Moderation

I never hide, when I walk down the street, someone's going to take my picture, that's what I look like.

Tags: Picture, Someone, Walk

I realized that I have to slow down. I work so hard, I'm so busy.

Tags: Busy, Hard, Work

I started doing yoga.

Tags: Started, Yoga

I started to put on weight when I was about four and a half and it got really bad when I was around nine. I ballooned. I was about 110 pounds.

Tags: Bad, Put, Started

I understand that I'm a role model.

Tags: Model, Role, Understand

I used food as a coping mechanism for many, many years, and it was my best friend for a long time.

Tags: Best, Food, Time

I want to get into voice-overs.

Tags: Love, Time, Wish

I'm trying to teach my daughter about healthy eating.

Tags: Healthy, Teach, Trying

If you walk down the street, within five minutes you will see someone who is morbidly obese or obese.

Tags: Someone, Walk, Within

It's such a rush doing a concert and seeing people actually mouthing the lyrics.

Tags: Actually, Concert, Seeing

Like everyone else, I have challenges.

Tags: Challenges, Else, Everyone

Sometimes reality T.V. can be stressful.

Tags: Reality, Sometimes, Stressful

There's a huge emotional component to weight loss.

Tags: Emotional, Loss, Weight

Was I a perfect gastric-bypass patient? Yes. Was I a perfect gastric-bypass pregnant woman? No. I made a decision to enjoy my pregnancy... So sue me!

Tags: Decision, Enjoy, Woman

We need to eat and enjoy it but control it. That's what I do now.

Tags: Control, Eat, Enjoy

When my work gets crazy, I make sure to always have vitamins, water and proper food with me. That has helped me to lose 33 pounds.

Tags: Crazy, Food, Work

When someone has a weight problem when they're pregnant, they will struggle before, during and after to lose weight.

Tags: After, Someone, Struggle

When you film a reality show, it's so jumbled. They shoot episodes in all orders!

Tags: Film, Reality, Show

You know, after all these years, it's just like we are who we are and it's a struggle for me and sometimes I'm heavier and sometimes I'm thinner.

Tags: After, Sometimes, Struggle

I always think I am one of the millions and millions of people that struggles with an addiction to food. I don't know how to relax, that's my problem.

Tags: Addiction, Food, Problem
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I decided that it's either, you know, if I want to have children, have a family and - and live a long life, I've got to make some real, real serious changes.

Tags: Children, Family, Life

I did have reconstructive plastic surgery and a tummy tuck. And from hip to hip, there's a very big scar. It looks better than it did... So I say, if you don't like that skin, have it removed. This is my advice: if you're gonna do it - just go for it.

Tags: Advice, Big, Looks

I've had so much stress in the last year so it's really a struggle. I never hide, when I walk down the street, someone's going to take my picture, that's what I look like.

Tags: Someone, Stress, Struggle

If I'm known as the girl that lost weight and it's been six years later and I've still kept off the 110 pounds, God bless. Because I never kept off 100 pounds before in my life.

Tags: Girl, God, Life

It's more about going to a place inside of me as a woman who knows that I'm never going to have perfection. And that I deserve to be healthy and feel healthy.

Tags: Perfection, Place, Woman

Life presents itself in constantly changing ways, but you're able to accept the challenges, rather than recoil, throw up your hands, and go on a binge.

Tags: Able, Life, Rather

The most important thing I think we need to remember is that we're a work in progress. Do not be ashamed or afraid to ask for help. That's what I did. I asked for help.

Tags: Help, Remember, Work

The surgery will always be a huge part of my life. I'm going to need to help people with weight problems for the rest of my life so that I can maintain my weight.

Tags: Help, Life, Problems

There are days where I've lost weight and I feel bigger or fatter or uglier and I want to just hibernate. I'll find every excuse not to exercise. I hate it.

Tags: Days, Hate, Lost

When you love food as much as I do, staying healthy is not easy. I mean, moderation, not deprivation. That's my new way of living. I always want more and that's just my life.

Tags: Food, Life, Love

My husband and I are best of friends first and foremost. We fight like cats and dogs, but never stay mad for long. I was lucky to find him, he is in every way, my soulmate.

Tags: Best, Husband, Marriage

It's not just being overweight that's dangerous. Stress is dangerous.

Tags: Dangerous, Overweight, Stress

I have willpower and determination. I am very resilient, like rock.

Tags: Resilient, Rock, Willpower

I don't know how to relax, that's my problem.

Tags: Problem, Relax

If someone puts too much pressure on me, I will automatically rebel.

Tags: Pressure, Rebel, Someone

The evening is really hard for me. I have to force myself not to eat.

Tags: Eat, Evening, Hard

I'm a working mother... You try to pay the bills, you try to keep your life going and there's pressure.

Tags: Life, Mother, Try

I'm definitely up in weight. I'm looking forward to getting an exercise routine again. It's like a daily decision.

Tags: Daily, Decision, Forward

It doesn't feel good when you have to struggle to get your pants on.

Tags: Good, Pants, Struggle

It's normal to gain weight during pregnancy. It's something that has to happen to your body.

Tags: Body, Happen, Normal

Medication can help us live a happier life.

Tags: Happier, Help, Life

My fat cells have a memory like Einstein! I'm proof that surgery is not a magic potion. There are many ways to sabotage it.

Tags: Fat, Magic, Memory

All I can do is listen to what my body needs and feels.

Tags: Body, Listen, Needs

Becoming famous is a strange thing in your own right.

Tags: Becoming, Famous, Strange

Certain foods no longer agree with me. If I eat French fries, I might feel sick to my stomach.

Tags: Eat, Might, Sick

Do I wish I could retire? Sure, but that's not life.

Tags: Life, Sure, Wish

Food decisions - do I eat this or not? - are always going to be there.

Tags: Decisions, Eat, Food

Going from 300 pounds to 150 pounds was the biggest change of my whole life.

Tags: Change, Life, Whole

I always want more, and that's just my life.

Tags: Life

I am always cautious.

Tags: Cautious

I am stuck in the 70's. I can't seem to get away from that era.

Tags: Away, Seem, Stuck

I can be a lady - surprise!

Tags: Lady, Surprise

I don't want to become a diabetic.

Tags: Become, Diabetic

I don't want to hide anything - there is nothing to hide.

Tags: Hide

I have a child to feed and a spirit that can't be crushed, so I'm able to move ahead.

Tags: Able, Child, Spirit