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Charlie Quotes

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I got a pet monkey called Charlie Chan.

Tags: Monkey, Pet  ✍ Author: Jimi Hendrix

You're a good man, Charlie Brown.

Tags: Brown, Good  ✍ Author: Charles M. Schulz

I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen.

 ✍ Author: Charlie Sheen

But Charlie, Charlie, how can we ever really know anything? Charlie, what or who is God?

Tags: God  ✍ Author: Edgar Bergen

I think Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen have a lot of chemistry between them.

Tags: Between, Chemistry  ✍ Author: April Bowlby

I dare anyone to play like Charlie Watts.

Tags: Anyone, Dare  ✍ Author: Randy Castillo

You can trust Charlie Crist.

Tags: Trust  ✍ Author: Charlie Crist

Charlie Sheen is who again? Denise is engaged?

Tags: Again, Engaged  ✍ Author: Neil Patrick Harris

Charlie's not your conventional mathematician... we sexed him up a little bit.

Tags: Bit, Him  ✍ Author: David Krumholtz

It's just keeping what I want private, private, and the same with Charlie.

Tags: Keeping, Private  ✍ Author: Denise Richards

Charlie and I were never blessed with children.

Tags: Blessed, Children  ✍ Author: Marge Schott

I don't want to replace anyone, especially Charlie Sheen.

Tags: Anyone, Replace  ✍ Author: John Stamos

I wasn't around when Nic was playing Donald. I was around with Charlie.

Tags: Nic, Playing  ✍ Author: Tilda Swinton

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