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Christmas Eve Quotes

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According to an ancient Sardinian legend, the bodies of those who are born on Christmas Eve will never dissolve into dust but are preserved until the end of time.

Tags: End, Time  ✍ Author: Grazia Deledda

The sharpest memory of our old-fashioned Christmas eve is my mother's hand making sure I was settled in bed.

Tags: Making, Mother  ✍ Author: Gordon England

Come Christmas Eve, we usually go to my mom and dad's. Everybody brings one gift and then we play that game when we all steal it from each other. Some are really cool, others are useful and some are a bit out there.

Tags: Cool, Mom  ✍ Author: Amy Grant

I beg people not to accept the seasonal ritual of well-timed charity on Christmas Eve. It's blasphemy.

Tags: Accept, Charity  ✍ Author: Jonathan Kozol

It's quite a famous story that takes place on Christmas Eve, and the Germans, French, and Scottish are trying to make peace one night and they bury their dead and they play football. I play a German opera singer, in German, which I never have so I am really excited about that.

Tags: Famous, Peace  ✍ Author: Diane Kruger

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Christmas Eve quote #2
Christmas Eve quote #2
Christmas Eve quote #2
Christmas Eve quote #2
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