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Claire Quotes

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I didn't so much choose the film as director Claire Denis chose me.

Tags: Choose, Director, Film  ✍ Author: Beatrice Dalle

I read Claire Messud's 'The Emperor's Children,' I read Joseph O'Neill's 'Netherland' - but to me, they're not 9/11 novels. In 'The Emperor's Children,' 9/11 felt to me like a piece of the plot; the novel wasn't wrestling with what 9/11 meant. And 'Netherland' felt the same way. I liked both books a lot but I don't see them as 9/11 novels.

Tags: Both, Children, Read  ✍ Author: Kurt Waldheim

When she was running for election in 2006, I went to Missouri to campaign for Senator Claire McCaskill. She impressed the hell out of me and I fell in love with her mother Betty Anne who is a pistol!

Tags: Hell, Love, Mother  ✍ Author: David Mixner

In 1947 I married Rowena Palmer, and we have two daughters, Alison and Claire, and a son, John.

Tags: Daughters, Married, Son  ✍ Author: Martin Ryle

I think Kellie Martin, Reese Witherspoon and Claire Danes represent the future for women in film, and I would be honored to share the stage with any one of them.

Tags: Film, Future, Women  ✍ Author: Fred Savage

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