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Clare Short's Quotes

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Born: 1946-02-15
Profession: Politician
Nation: British
Biography of Clare Short

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Most of us women like men, you know; it's just that we find them a constant disappointment.

Tags: Constant, Men, Women

But they were going to war anyway and they were going to bully and pressure countries to vote for it.

Tags: Bully, Vote, War

I have set out to change the language of the international system.

Tags: Change, Language, System

I think the good old British democracy should keep scrutinising and pressing to get the truth out.

Tags: Democracy, Good, Truth

I think the suffering, violence and cruelty and Guantanamo and the rest is going to go on and on in Iraq.

Tags: Rest, Suffering, Violence

Of course we need action, but it should be Just action.

Tags: Action

One must strike the right balance between speed and quality.

Tags: Balance, Between, Quality

People have accused me of being in favor of globalization. This is equivalent to accusing me of being in favor of the sun rising in the morning.

Tags: Favor, Morning, Sun

The Liberals have been pressing for the brief on the basis of which he said there was authority for war.

Tags: Authority, Said, War

We need to keep this Labour government, it has a good chance of another term.

Tags: Another, Good, Government

And if you remember the other part of the context is we were then all deceived about the French position and told the French had said they'd veto any second resolution - which wasn't true, we now know.

Tags: Remember, Said, True

And we know there has been horrendous loss of life and suffering and we know that there is anger. Anyone who came anywhere near the general election in constituencies with a substantial Muslim population knows that.

Tags: Anger, Life, Suffering

But then Iraq happened after September 2001 and America claimed that Al Qaeda was there, and we all know that was a lie and we now know that our own Prime Minister deceived the country terribly.

Tags: America, Country, Lie

I mean enormous pressure was brought to bear - Valerie Amos, Lady Amos, went round Africa with people from our intelligence services trying to press them. I had to make sure that we didn't promise a misuse of aid in a way that would be illegal.

Tags: Mean, Sure, Trying

I mean that the time where we need International agreement more than ever on the environment and the rest, poverty we are breaking up our International Institutions and the rule of law and Tony Blair is part of it.

Tags: Law, Mean, Time

Obviously this is the world descending into worse and worse standards of targeting civilians both in state violence in Iraq, Gaza and so on and the terrorist retaliation.

Tags: Both, State, Violence

So my own suspicion is that the attorney has stopped this prosecution because part of her defence was to question legality and that would have brought his advice into the public domain again and there was something fishy about the way in which he said war was legal.

Tags: Advice, Legal, War

That feeds anger, and I mean when we went and at last thank heavens got towards peace in Northern Ireland we went for justice within Northern Ireland as well as using security well, as well as a political settlement, but surely that is the lesson.

Tags: Anger, Justice, Peace

The Middle East is more angry than ever. I'm afraid that the sort of deceit on the route to war was linked to the lack of preparation for afterwards and the chaos and suffering that continuous - so it won't go away will it?

Tags: Angry, Suffering, War

The problem is going to be finding the right words and implementing it in a way that is really dealing with people that are inciting and not preventing honest discussion of the underlying causes of this horrendous political situation the world is in now.

Tags: Political, Problem, Words

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