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The way you look for songs, you find yourself looking for little signals and clues about life and how things are.

Tags: Life, Looking, Yourself  ✍ Author: Tom T. Hall

We writers, as we work our way deeper into our craft, learn to drop more and more personal clues. Like burglars who secretly wish to be caught, we leave our fingerprints on broken locks, our voiceprints in bugged rooms, our footprints in the wet concrete.

Tags: Broken, Wish, Work  ✍ Author: Ross MacDonald

Time is compressed like the fist I close on my knee... I hold inside it the clues and solutions and the power for what I must do now.

Tags: Hold, Power, Time  ✍ Author: Margaret Atwood

I could write historical fiction, or science fiction, or a mystery but since I find it fascinating to research the clues of some little know period and develop a story based on that, I will probably continue to do it.

Tags: Science, Story, Write  ✍ Author: Jean M. Auel

Yeah, I think if I were to go again, I'd try to go more on gut feelings and stick with it. I was on to Frederique. I found clues for everything, I found tons of stuff.

Tags: Again, Feelings, Try  ✍ Author: Corbin Bernsen

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Clues quote #2
Clues quote #2
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