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Tom T. Hall's Quotes

Tom T. Hall profile photo

Born: 1936-05-25
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Tom T. Hall

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I never fixed a story. I didn't make judgments, I let the listener make judgments. When I got to the end of the story, if it had a moral, I let the listener find it.

Tags: End, Moral, Story

My best album is called In Search Of A Song. That was my best shot right there. My finest hour, as they say. I could listen to the whole thing all the way through. There's nothing really crammed into it.

Tags: Best, Song, Whole

Whiskey's to tough, Champagne costs too much, Vodka puts my mouth in gear. I hope this refrain, Will help me explain, As a matter of fact, I like beer.

Tags: Help, Hope, Tough

I love winners when they cry, losers when they try.

Tags: Love, Try, Winners

Religion is a strange, wonderful thing. More crimes have been committed in the name of righteousness than any other notion.

Tags: Religion, Strange, Wonderful

When you retire, it's a place in life, a part of the journey. You just don't quit work; you develop an attitude where you can do what you please.

Tags: Attitude, Life, Work

The first guy who came up with the concept of religion was sitting out under a tree. I'm sure of that.

Tags: Guy, Religion, Sure

Young kids are doing the same thing I did, but they're doing it differently. They don't do brain surgery the way they used to do it either.

Tags: Brain, Kids, Young

I'm a very comfortable and happy-go-lucky old man. I never wanted to be great, because I'd just get worried.

Tags: Great, Old, Wanted

If Barbara Walters was interviewing me, I'd figure her career was as dead as mine!

Tags: Career, Dead, Her

The best compliment I ever had is, one day I was in Nashville, some disc jockey said, Hey, that sounds like a Tom T. Hall song. Up until then there hadn't been any such thing.

Tags: Best, Said, Song

After I retired and came off the road, I gathered up all my musical instruments and suddenly, I wanted them all to be perfect.

Tags: After, Perfect, Wanted

Faulkner was almost oriental. I never got into Faulkner.

Tags: Almost, Faulkner, Oriental

I am a fan of history.

Tags: Fan, History

I had the notion that I wanted to write the great dirty American novel, so I went to Roanoke College on the GI Bill.

Tags: American, Great, Wanted

I have had hundreds of people work for me over the years, and I don't think I ever fired anybody.

Tags: Anybody, Fired, Work

I have my own religion. I'm sort of one-quarter Baptist, one-quarter Catholic, one-quarter Jewish.

Tags: Catholic, Jewish, Religion

I never hid out. I was never big enough a star.

Tags: Big, Enough, Star

I took up a sort of a hobby of just hanging around the local library. I'd pick out an author and I would read all their books.

Tags: Books, Library, Read

I was quite a reader before I became a writer.

Tags: Quite, Reader, Writer

I was well traveled, and I created this illusion of literacy through reading and writing. I wrote a book of short stories.

Tags: Book, Short, Writing

It used to be that you'd have a song recorded by a major country artist and if it was a hit, you could buy a car. Now you can buy a dealership.

Tags: Car, Country, Song

My theory is if you have a religion, it's a good one. Because some people don't have any at all.

Tags: Good, Religion, Theory
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People think because you're private, you have something you don't want them to know.

Tags: Private

The first time with artistic endeavors is, if it's working, it was your idea, and if it's not, it's somebody else's idea.

Tags: Else, Time, Working

The way you look for songs, you find yourself looking for little signals and clues about life and how things are.

Tags: Life, Looking, Yourself

This generation should entertain this generation. It's only fair. When I was a kid, I mowed the lawn. Now, somebody else's kid can mow the lawn.

Tags: Else, Fair, Somebody
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