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Cows Quotes

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Cows are gentle, interesting animals.

Tags: Gentle  ✍ Author: Ingrid Newkirk

Scoops of mint ice cream with chips of chocolate cows.

Tags: Chocolate, Ice  ✍ Author: Jim Bishop

There is nothing that you could say to me now that I could ever believe.

Tags: Poor, Spend  ✍ Author: Gordon Brown

There's nothing like sitting back and talking to your cows.

Tags: Sitting, Talking  ✍ Author: Russell Crowe

Sacred cows make very poor gladiators.

Tags: Poor, Sacred  ✍ Author: Nikki Giovanni

Sacred cows make the tastiest hamburger.

Tags: Hamburger, Sacred  ✍ Author: Abbie Hoffman

I'm a regular dude from Kansas who grew up with pigs and cows.

Tags: Dude, Pigs  ✍ Author: Eric Stonestreet

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