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Creative Energy Quotes

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I wrote three novels in six months, with a clarity of focus and attention to detail that I had never before experienced. This type of sublime creative energy is characteristic of the elevated and productive mood state known as hypomania.

Tags: Creative, Energy, Focus  ✍ Author: Ayelet Waldman

I don't want to use my creative energy on somebody else's user interface.

Tags: Creative, Else, Energy  ✍ Author: Jeff Bezos

Failure and its accompanying misery is for the artist his most vital source of creative energy.

Tags: Creative, Energy, Failure  ✍ Author: Montgomery Clift

If you feel bored or uncomfortable as you're writing, ask yourself what's bothering you and write about that. Sometimes your creative energy is like water in a kinked hose, and before thoughts can flow on the topic at hand, you have to straighten the hose by attending to whatever is preoccupying you.

Tags: Bored, Writing, Yourself  ✍ Author: Jonah Goldberg

The psyche of the individual is commensurate with the totality of creative energy. This requires a most radical revision of Western psychology.

Tags: Creative, Energy, Individual  ✍ Author: Stanislav Grof

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Creative Energy quote #2
Creative Energy quote #2
Creative Energy quote #2
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