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Crushing Quotes

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Playing shows is really fun. And writing music is really fun. But going on tour for a year is one of the more soul-crushing experiences you can have as a creative person.

Tags: Fun, Music, Writing  ✍ Author: Tunde Adebimpe

The horrors of the Second World War, the chilling winds of the Cold War and the crushing weight of the Iron Curtain are little more than fading memories. Ideals that once commanded great loyalty are now taken for granted.

Tags: Great, Loyalty, War  ✍ Author: Jan Peter Balkenende

If you do something that you're not genuinely passionate about, it is a little soul-crushing. Just not worth it.

Tags: Genuinely, Passionate, Worth  ✍ Author: Claire Danes

Southern Europe has not done enough to enhance its competitiveness, while northern Europe has not done enough to boost demand. Debt burdens remain crushing, and Europe's economy remains unable to grow.

Tags: Done, Enough, While  ✍ Author: Robert. L. Ehrlich

As I get older, the present and the past shift and become the past and the future... A lot of it is a new awareness of time and life and the wheel of fortune crushing you and lifting you and crushing you and lifting you.

Tags: Future, Life, Time  ✍ Author: Feist

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Crushing quote #2
Crushing quote #2
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