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Dee Brown's Quotes

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Born: 1908-02-29
Profession: Novelist
Nation: American
Biography of Dee Brown

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The Indians knew that life was equated with the earth and its resources, that America was a paradise, and they could not comprehend why the intruders from the East were determined to destroy all that was Indian as well as America itself.

Tags: America, Life, Why

I've tried word processors, but I think I'm too old a dog to use one.

Tags: Computers, Old, Word

You just don't give up. There have been times when everything seemed to conspire against getting a book done or printed, and I would feel like turning my back on the whole thing. But I came back and persisted.

Tags: Book, Done, Give

Jah is love, or God, whichever way you might accept it.

Tags: Accept, God, Love

But now I'm getting that spiritual motivation to visit Africa.

Tags: Getting, Motivation, Spiritual

No man is an island. No man stands alone.

Tags: Alone, Island, Stands

But when you have to deal with notes, and to be able to make a full definition of what a sound is - if you are not around that environment, then you'll find you lose that feel, that momentum, you lose all that.

Tags: Able, Full, Lose

Certain songs by hearing the rhythm, it tells you that is either a love song or you might be heartbroken or the songs give you the vibes and you just know that certain songs are militant that you have to write.

Tags: Give, Love, Write

Certain rhythms just have certain moods.

Tags: Moods, Rhythms

Drugs have played no significant factor in my life.

Tags: Factor, Life, Played

Every day you learn something new.

Tags: Learn

I sing a lot about love.

Tags: Love, Sing

I think I have a more wider scope for music, I have more taste for music.

Tags: Music, Scope, Taste

Like Noel Brown and Scotty, they recorded as the Chosen Few, and I recorded as Dennis Brown then.

Tags: Brown, Chosen, Few

Sometimes that is why you might even stay in the bathroom for even half an hour, making that water running all over, just singing.

Tags: Making, Sometimes, Why

We just make music. For I never stop working.

Tags: Music, Stop, Working

Well, until this very day, I'm still learning.

Tags: Learning, Until

You always will be singing a song or humming a line or a melody.

Tags: Line, Singing, Song

You can't find the sound if you just love sleep.

Tags: Love, Sleep, Sound

You know, we had that groove; I didn't feel no way.

Tags: Groove

You see, that is it with music, you never stop learning.

Tags: Learning, Music, Stop

Because I used to go and watch him rehearsing for pantomime, and I have adopted some of those priciples, like try to be on time, learn your script, how he approach it, etc.

Tags: Him, Time, Try

I wasn't thinking of competing with any artists as such, I was more thinking of being among them, and sharing thoughts with them; like sharing views, ideas, etc.

Tags: Ideas, Thinking, Thoughts
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Well, I heard of Sunny Ade, and looks as if his music is gonna be big on a global level, because I was in London the other day and some people asked me to review the album.

Tags: Big, Looks, Music

Well, maybe it's because of the rumors they had going around, you know, they had some rumors about Dennis Brown was in the hospital and all that. Well, that is all bull!

Tags: Hospital, Maybe, Rumors

You just went right in and just recorded songs and listened them, and if there were any mistakes, then we would correct them and just went on... one take or two take.

Tags: Correct, Mistakes, Songs
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