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In many places in the developed world, we eat or waste probably twice as many food calories as we really need. We're wasteful of food. We ship all over the world. We're now realizing that generating the energy to ship the food around the world is also ruining our climate.

Tags: Eat, Energy, Food  ✍ Author: Roger Federer

In Britain, like most of the developed world, stem-cell research is regarded as a great opportunity. America will be left behind if it doesn't change policy.

Tags: America, Change, Great  ✍ Author: Stephen Hawking

While the technology revolution has yet to reach far into the households of those in developing countries, this is certainly another area where more developed countries can assist those in the less developed world.

Tags: Another, Revolution, Technology  ✍ Author: Carol Bellamy

Dementia is not exclusively a problem of the developed world.

Tags: Dementia, Problem  ✍ Author: Julie Bishop

Our nation and those of the developed world must offer our own resistance to despot leaders who seek to commit murder on the basis of religion or race.

Tags: Leaders, Nation, Religion  ✍ Author: Tim Bishop

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