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Dirk Kempthorne's Quotes

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Born: 1951-10-29
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Dirk Kempthorne

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Government alone cannot solve the problems we deal with in our correctional facilities, treatment centers, homeless shelters and crisis centers - we need our faith-based and community partners.

Tags: Alone, Crisis, Government

Methamphetamine is a hideous drug. Meth makes a person become paranoid, violent, and aggressive - making them a serious threat to society and law enforcement. And maybe more importantly, meth users are a threat to their own children and families.

Tags: Children, Law, Society

Experts say that if children can't read by the end of the fifth grade, they lose self-confidence and self-esteem, making them more likely to enter the juvenile justice system.

Tags: Children, End, Justice

In my public service, I treasure my friendship with law enforcement officers. I admire what they do and support them in every aspect of their job. I have always looked upon law enforcement officers as my friends.

Tags: Friendship, Job, Law

I don't think anybody would dispute that we're seeing a warming of the Earth.

Tags: Anybody, Earth, Seeing

This is the way federal land management should work. Cooperation, not confrontation, should be the hallmark of conservation efforts.

Tags: Land, Management, Work

You have it within your grasp to be regarded as one of the greatest legislative sessions in the history of the state. If you're bold and if you're ready to aggressively reach for our future, all the ingredients are here. The opportunities are waiting for us.

Tags: Future, History, Waiting
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Dirk Kempthorne's quote #3
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