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Earring Quotes

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In Hollywood today, it's cool for guys to wear nail polish and earrings in their lips and tongues. I don't get it.

Tags: Cool, Guys, Today  ✍ Author: Scott Caan

I don't do earrings.

Tags: Earrings  ✍ Author: Kimberly Caldwell

I do like having my ears pierced, because there's a lot more choice in pierced earrings than there is with clip-ons, and they're a lot more comfortable to wear - Sometimes I completely forget I've got them in and end up going to sleep wearing them.

Tags: End, Forget, Sleep  ✍ Author: Jennifer Garner

But I'll never be one of those women who feel that they always have to wear earrings and aren't properly dressed without them.

Tags: Dressed, Wear, Women  ✍ Author: Jennifer Garner

I love to use a lot of spices when I cook, so we actually cast a real peppercorn in gold and then just made a bead out of it for necklaces and earrings.

Tags: Actually, Love, Real  ✍ Author: Padma Lakshmi

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