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Emanuel Cleaver's Quotes

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Born: 1944-10-26
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Emanuel Cleaver

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One thing I've learned - and I've said this to Republicans and Democrats - is, bees cannot sting and make honey at the same time. They have to make a choice. Either they are going to be a stinger or a honey-maker, and I contend that honey is a symbol of legislation and, the nuclear language used by members is the stinger, and you can't do both.

Tags: Cannot, Learned, Time

There are people walking around the streets of Kansas City who are unemployed, while one of our largest employers is not only sending jobs aboard, but then turning around and making a statement about preserving jobs.

Tags: Jobs, Making, While

America, I am a strong believer that how we treat each other matters.

Tags: America, Strong, Treat

Congress is unable to do the work of the American people because too many politicians believe that compromise means capitulation.

Tags: American, Means, Work

God did not burden the United States with a diversity of backgrounds, ideas and religions, He blessed America with them.

Tags: America, Blessed, God

Hope fills the holes of my frustration in my heart.

Tags: Heart, Holes, Hope

Let's do more than say the 'Pledge of Allegiance.' Let us live it!

Tags: Allegiance, Pledge

Social Security is a covenant that should not be broken.

Tags: Broken, Security, Social

The truth of the matter is the tone is toxic here in Washington, and we have been exporting it around the country.

Tags: Country, Here, Truth

There is more power in unity than division.

Tags: Division, Power, Unity

We can be fervent in our disagreements without being factitious with our beliefs.

Tags: Beliefs, Fervent

We have Democrats saying dumb things every single day, and Republicans as well.

Tags: Dumb, Saying, Single

We may be a nation of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, but first and foremost we are all human beings and Americans.

Tags: Human, May, Nation

Community colleges need to be upgraded. We got to have training for real jobs. We've got a lot of jobs that are going unfilled because we don't have the technology in the heads of graduating college students to deal with them.

Tags: Real, Technology, Training

First of all, do I think there's some racists in the Tea Party? Yeah. I'm an ordained United Methodist pastor; there's some racists in the Methodist church. I don't know if there's a body that does not have some racists in it.

Tags: Body, Church, United

Hope is the motivation that empowers the unemployed, enabling them to get out of bed every single morning with unbounded enthusiasm as they look for work.

Tags: Hope, Morning, Work

I have family in Tanzania. I can't even explain the joy of riding through the Tanzania national park and seeing giraffes run across the road and elephants over in a pond and baboons running.

Tags: Family, Joy, Road

We've gotten to the point now where Republicans and Democrats have nothing in common besides being members of the 'caustic caucus,' and we can't get anything done.

Tags: Common, Done, Point

You would think that if any group in America had 20% to 25% unemployment, it would generate all kinds of attention. The Labor Department would understandably and necessarily begin to concentrate on what can we do to reduce this level of unemployment. Congress would give great time on the floor for debate on what can be done.

Tags: Done, Great, Time

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