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Emulation Quotes

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Leisure and curiosity might soon make great advances in useful knowledge, were they not diverted by minute emulation and laborious trifles.

Tags: Great, Knowledge, Might  ✍ Author: Samuel Johnson

I was induced to establish several orders of merit, from conviction that emulation, well directed, becomes a useful servant; and, that the latent genius of some youth is more easily brought into action this way, than by the more sordid gratification of self-interest.

Tags: Action, Genius, Youth  ✍ Author: Joseph Lancaster

Young gentlemen, who are to display their knowledge to the world, should have every motive of emulation, should be formed into regular classes, should read and dispute together, should have all the honors, and, if one may say so, the pomp of learning set before them, to call up their ardor. It is their business, and they should apply to it as such.

Tags: Business, Knowledge, Learning  ✍ Author: Anna Letitia Barbauld

The best way to enhance freedom in other lands is to demonstrate here that our democratic system is worthy of emulation.

Tags: Best, Freedom, Here  ✍ Author: Jimmy Carter

Worth begets in base minds, envy; in great souls, emulation.

Tags: Envy, Great, Minds  ✍ Author: Henry Fielding

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Emulation quote #2
Emulation quote #2
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