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Eric Braeden's Quotes

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Born: 1941-04-03
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Eric Braeden

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Being in love, and I'm not an expert in this, I've lived it as much as anyone has, but I've not dissected it.

Tags: Anyone, Lived, Love

Raising children is an enormously important part of life. I think one of the most important, or the most important, period.

Tags: Children, Life, Period

I have a feeling that being in love sometimes means the projection of your desires onto another person. The important thing is that you like the other person, respect the other person and want to raise children with the other person.

Tags: Children, Love, Respect

A relationship has to be cultivated. There have to be feelings of love for another first. But then you have to really like the person.

Tags: Another, Feelings, Love

Some situations are so hopeless when you look at them from the outside you say, Why are they still married?

Tags: Hopeless, Married, Why

I'm not saying that people should not divorce, but at the rate at which it happens here is sick. The kids, they suffer. I don't care what anyone says.

Tags: Care, Saying, Sick

If both parents must work, I think it is more important that the mother has proximity to the child to therefore establish a childcare situation at the big corporations not once a day, but many times a day.

Tags: Mother, Parents, Work

It's very difficult to judge relationships from the outside. You never know what happens in intimate moments with two people to know why they really support and love each other.

Tags: Judge, Love, Why

I'm not a politician.

Tags: Politician

If you're a young couple when you start out and are both working, trying to raise children, that is tough.

Tags: Children, Trying, Working

Not too many people can afford for the wife to stay home and raise the kids.

Tags: Home, Kids, Wife

A mother's got to be there to raise the children. That's all there is to it. I feel badly for those mothers who work hard, and can't do it all the time.

Tags: Mother, Time, Work

If it's really so wonderful that both partners have to work to make a living to pay for their house, for health insurance, someone is obviously going to get the short end of the stick.

Tags: End, Health, Work

If we keep on ignoring and leaving children to their own devices at home, they become latchkey kids, and trust me, the consequences of that are not good.

Tags: Good, Home, Trust

My heart goes out to many women that I've met across the country who barely make enough to make a living, and they want to have kids. That's very understandable, but what do you do with the kids?

Tags: Country, Heart, Women

The workplace should have a place where the kids can visit. They should have places at the mother's or the father's work where professionals can have their kids visit them whenever they feel like it.

Tags: Father, Mother, Work
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