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Eric Lindros's Quotes

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Born: 1973-02-28
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Eric Lindros

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You have to dream dreams to live dreams.

Tags: Dream, Dreams

I look forward to proving something to myself and others.

Tags: Forward, Others, Proving

I don't think you can run around and crash and bang quite the way that I might have done in the past.

Tags: Done, Might, Past

I had great representatives looking out for my best interests and safety. They just happened to be my parents.

Tags: Best, Great, Parents

It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it's what you put into the practice.

Tags: Practice, Put, Time

People on the streets are ready for hockey.

Tags: Hockey, Ready, Streets

Right now I'm happy to be on the ice anywhere, anytime.

Tags: Anywhere, Happy, Ice

There's always risk. But I'm going to come in and play hard. I want to come in and contribute.

Tags: Contribute, Hard, Risk

I've been excited since I received a phone call from Paul Holmgren inviting me to represent the Flyers and Flyer fans at the alumni game of the Winter Classic weekend.

Tags: Game, Since, Weekend
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