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Estelle Parsons's Quotes

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Born: 1927-11-20
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Estelle Parsons

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It is so important to get respect for what you do and at the same time give it.

Tags: Give, Respect, Time

You can't just trust to luck; you have to really listen to what that character is telling you.

Tags: Character, Luck, Trust

Acting is very start and stop.

Tags: Acting, Start, Stop

All of the generations go to what is chic for them, and theater seems to be an older generation's art form.

Tags: Art, Older, Seems

At this point the theater America is in such a precarious place.

Tags: America, Place, Point

For anyone with half a brain they can see that this play is about the human condition.

Tags: Anyone, Brain, Human

Getting work in theater has always been sort of cyclical.

Tags: Getting, Theater, Work

I believe in things that move people, if the audience isn't deeply caught up and moved to either laughter or tears then I don't think it is theater.

Tags: Either, Laughter, Move

I find that there are few reviews that extol women as wonderful artists.

Tags: Few, Women, Wonderful

I have never been interested in specific roles.

Tags: Interested, Roles, Specific

I know people like spectacle, but I'm interested in moving people.

Tags: Interested, Moving, Spectacle

I like time off because I also have a life outside of theater.

Tags: Life, Off, Time

I mean, there are times when you aren't working, but still believe that work will come.

Tags: Mean, Work, Working

I talked with Brian Stokes Mitchell, who agreed with me that if you have a gift there is always stuff to do.

Tags: Brian, Gift, Stuff

I think in small towns like this one, whether you're a man or a woman, you basically do what there is to do.

Tags: Small, Whether, Woman

In theater, the wellspring of the character comes from the doing of it, like a trial by fire, but in front of an audience.

Tags: Audience, Character, Fire

People who call themselves actors and can't ever get work; they do need to get another profession.

Tags: Another, Themselves, Work

The staff, stage managers, ushers all behaved as if they respected the actors.

Tags: Managers, Respected, Stage

There is some sadness for me now about acting because it used to be that there was a reverence for actors.

Tags: Acting, Sadness, Used

We all need to go to good theater; that is what I believe will save it.

Tags: Good, Save, Theater

When I see what I want, I do it.

Tags: Actually, Character, Today

Don't forget the prices are so high in theater; it isn't really where a young person can go on a date and buy two tickets and take someone out anymore.

Tags: Forget, Someone, Young
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