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My brother Jim and I spent many wonderful summers working on dairy farms in Wisconsin owned by Mom's cousins, and as members of our local Boy Scout troop.

Tags: Mom, Working  ✍ Author: Peter Agre

Gliders, sail planes, they're wonderful flying machines. It's the closest you can come to being a bird.

Tags: Bird, Flying  ✍ Author: Neil Armstrong

Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it.

Tags: Living, Science  ✍ Author: Albert Einstein

It's wonderful to climb the liquid mountains of the sky. Behind me and before me is God and I have no fears.

Tags: God, Religion  ✍ Author: Helen Keller

It is wonderful to have someone praise you, to be desired.

Tags: Praise, Someone  ✍ Author: Marilyn Monroe

Marriage destroyed my relationship with two wonderful men.

Tags: Marriage, Men  ✍ Author: Marilyn Monroe

A career is wonderful, but you can't curl up with it on a cold night.

Tags: Career, Night  ✍ Author: Marilyn Monroe

I don't want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.

Tags: Money  ✍ Author: Marilyn Monroe

It was wonderful to find America, but it would have been more wonderful to miss it.

Tags: America, Miss  ✍ Author: Mark Twain

It is a wonderful honor to receive the Audubon Medal from the National Audubon Society, which for more than a century has fought tirelessly to protect and preserve our natural resources and environment for future generations.

Tags: Future, Society  ✍ Author: Louis Bacon

Tape is wonderful at preserving evidence - fingerprints, hairs, fibers. Tape preserves this, especially on the sticky side, even if the body's been out there for a year.

Tags: Body, Year  ✍ Author: Louis Bacon

I like change. There's something Buddhist about it - continuous change is wonderful.

Tags: Buddhist, Change  ✍ Author: David Bailey

One of my favorite vacation places is Miami, because of the people, the water and the beach - of course - and the architecture on Miami Beach is so wonderful.

Tags: Vacation, Water  ✍ Author: Oksana Baiul

I like the idea of movies having a magic element. How many times have you seen an actor in a movie who you know only as the character? It's wonderful, isn't it?

Tags: Character, Movies  ✍ Author: Christian Bale

I think Little League is wonderful. It keeps the kids out of the house.

Tags: House, Kids  ✍ Author: Yogi Berra

It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.

Tags: Fair, Far  ✍ Author: Warren Buffett

There's quite a lot of bad stuff written about me. My wife even says a lot of bad stuff about me. But she is wonderful.

Tags: Bad, Wife  ✍ Author: Michael Caine

It's fun playing two roles. The roles provide a wonderful range of emotions. Stuart is childlike and sensitive. Adam is ruthless, outrageous. He's flamboyant. He does the unexpected.

Tags: Fun, Playing  ✍ Author: David Canary

One of my favorite things to do is not to speak on screen. In theater it's different because there's a lot of emphasis on language - it's a different medium. But that is one of the most wonderful things about film. A person's face can say so much more than their voice can.

Tags: Film, Speak  ✍ Author: Linda Cardellini

Pregnancy was probably the best and the hardest thing I'll ever go through. I know for a lot of women, it can be wonderful and relatively easy.

Tags: Best, Women  ✍ Author: Joyce Carey

This world, after all our science and sciences, is still a miracle wonderful, inscrutable, magical and more, to whosoever will think of it.

Tags: After, Science  ✍ Author: Thomas Carlyle

I am not young but I feel young. The day I feel old, I will go to bed and stay there. J'aime la vie! I feel that to live is a wonderful thing.

Tags: Old, Young  ✍ Author: Coco Chanel

Life could be wonderful if people would leave you alone.

Tags: Alone, Life  ✍ Author: Charlie Chaplin

Ballroom dancing: it's a wonderful thing at so many levels because you've got to follow the rules. They used to call those rules etiquette once upon a time, but you don't really have that any more.

Tags: Once, Time  ✍ Author: Anton du Beke

Our kids are in their twenties now, which is a wonderful time.

Tags: Kids, Time  ✍ Author: Jeff Daniels
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And it has some weight, I mean, the whole history of the gargoyles, that's some wonderful stuff.

Tags: History, Mean  ✍ Author: Keith David

I had a wonderful childhood, which is tough because it's hard to adjust to a miserable adulthood.

Tags: Hard, Tough  ✍ Author: Larry David

The BBC fulfils a wonderful cultural function. Maybe the problem is that it feels it needs to be everything to everybody.

Tags: Everybody, Problem  ✍ Author: Andrew Davies

A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.

Tags: Fact, Human  ✍ Author: Charles Dickens

There are always wonderful mysteries to confront.

Tags: Confront, Mysteries  ✍ Author: Lawrence Eagleburger

I did a film once that I was killed in. It was a painful, horrifying day. It was a wonderful day from the standpoint of acting, but I was a wreck otherwise.

Tags: Acting, Once  ✍ Author: Leslie Easterbrook

Greenland is a wonderful country.

Tags: Country, Greenland  ✍ Author: Freema Agyeman

My family is just an amazing melting pot of wonderful religions and faiths.

Tags: Amazing, Family  ✍ Author: Rima Fakih

Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature.

Tags: Nature, True  ✍ Author: Michael Faraday

Canada has given us John Candy and Martin Short and Bill Shatner and Lord knows how many other wonderful performers.

Tags: Lord, Short  ✍ Author: Jamie Farr

Canadians send us great hockey players. You also send us wonderful performers, from the beginning, with Mary Pickford.

Tags: Great, Hockey  ✍ Author: Jamie Farr

It evolved from my experience in the fifties, growing up during the McCarthy era, and hearing a lot of assumptions that America was wonderful and Communism was terrible.

Tags: America, Experience  ✍ Author: Warren Farrell

It's been a wonderful career, I couldn't ask for anything more.

Tags: Ask, Career  ✍ Author: Brett Favre

Grades were important in our house. I was reading by two. My mom would sit there and read with me, read with me, read with me. It was wonderful.

Tags: Mom, Read  ✍ Author: Rio Ferdinand

Change is always happening. That's one of the wonderful things about jazz music.

Tags: Change, Music  ✍ Author: Maynard Ferguson

I'm reading a book about Romaine Brooks, a wonderful painter from early in the last century.

Tags: Book, Last  ✍ Author: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

For one thing, one of the wonderful things that we now have is instead of the huge budget surpluses that President Clinton left us with, we now have these huge deficits that we're going to be facing into the future.

Tags: Future, President  ✍ Author: Geraldine Ferraro

When a dramatic actor does a funny film, people are like, 'Wonderful! I didn't know he was funny!' But when it flips, people can get really thrown by it.

Tags: Film, Funny  ✍ Author: Will Ferrell

What is wonderful about great literature is that it transforms the man who reads it towards the condition of the man who wrote.

Tags: Great, Literature  ✍ Author: E. M. Forster

I do know there are a lot of people who seem to be in my corner, and that's, of course, wonderful. I'm really more interested in the nomination than in the award, because I think the nomination just puts you within a group of outstanding actors.

Tags: Group, Within  ✍ Author: Morgan Freeman

There is something wonderful in seeing a wrong-headed majority assailed by truth.

Tags: Seeing, Truth  ✍ Author: John Kenneth Galbraith

President Reagan achieved such successes because when you sat in a room with him, there could be over 1,000 people in the room, yet you felt like there was only the two of you, and his wonderful wit would put you at ease. That was a tremendous gift.

Tags: Him, Put  ✍ Author: Elton Gallegly

Life would be so wonderful if we only knew what to do with it.

Tags: Knew, Life  ✍ Author: Greta Garbo

So it's mix and match. Hold your line when you really feel something you're saying is wonderful and you really want to get this point across and prove it to your partner by just throwing it into the tape and letting it speak for itself.

Tags: Saying, Speak  ✍ Author: Art Garfunkel

I performed in Sydney some years ago for the Sydney Festival and I am just so pleased to be returning to the wonderful Sydney Opera House and also performing in Melbourne for the first time.

Tags: House, Time  ✍ Author: Lesley Garrett

You know capitalism is this wonderful thing that motivates people, it causes wonderful inventions to be done. But in this area of diseases of the world at large, it's really let us down.

Tags: Capitalism, Done  ✍ Author: Bill Gates

When you have a wonderful mother-in-law who takes sides with you in squabbles with her own daughter - that's something.

Tags: Her, Takes  ✍ Author: Lou Gehrig

Paris is a wonderful city. I can't say I belong to an especially anglophone community.

Tags: City, Community  ✍ Author: Marilyn Hacker

You want to know what makes me tick, I'll tell you what makes me tick. I was a boy growing up in Brooklyn; I read a two-penny magazine called 'The Hawk's Nest.' Nobody entered that nest that didn't leave a little richer and a little wiser. And that 11-year-old boy said, 'Isn't that a wonderful thing.' And that's all there is to it.

Tags: Said, Tell  ✍ Author: Buddy Hackett

My dear, did you ever stop to think what a wonderful bunker you would make?

Tags: Dear, Stop  ✍ Author: Walter Hagen

The wonderful thing about Clint is you can never second guess how he is going to react to anything.

Tags: Guess, Second  ✍ Author: Paul Haggis

I'd like to play Matt Damon's daddy. He's a wonderful actor, I really admire him, and I'd like to play his dad one day.

Tags: Dad, Him  ✍ Author: Larry Hagman

I have this wonderful personal chef who sources and stocks all my organic produce and I basically live on five smoothies a day. I'm totally vegan. I blend this green concoction with kale, cucumber, broccoli, string beans, avocado. My protein comes from protein powder. There is absolutely no milk, butter, cheese.

Tags: Chef, Personal  ✍ Author: Larry Hagman

Later on when it became a routine it was not as exciting I'll admit that. The first three years were wonderful, the rest were just money making and having fun.

Tags: Fun, Money  ✍ Author: Larry Hagman

You know Hollywood is a weird and wonderful place, I didn't know I Dream of Jeanie had been cancelled after 5 years until I went back to go on the lot to pick up some clothes and things I had in my dressing room.

Tags: After, Place  ✍ Author: Larry Hagman

It's amazing. I can't believe how brilliant the whole thing is - my daughter, Georgia, is just wonderful.

Tags: Amazing, Whole  ✍ Author: Deidre Hall

Religion is a strange, wonderful thing. More crimes have been committed in the name of righteousness than any other notion.

Tags: Religion, Strange  ✍ Author: Tom T. Hall

Kevin, as the whole cast is, just wonderful people and great people, and people who are attracted to this kind of material and accepting the idea of going to Newfoundland and knowing the kind of lack of amenities.

Tags: Great, Whole  ✍ Author: Lasse Hallstrom

One is, that they will feel about you that you're going to make something wonderful for them. And they help you by expressing themselves. Not telling you how to do it, but encouraging you and accepting your vision and working with you on that kind of a level.

Tags: Help, Working  ✍ Author: Lawrence Halprin

That's what makes the Ryder Cup in golf so much better than the Masters or the U.S. Open. To be a part of something that is not about personal achievement, but about representing everyone and sharing it with the whole country, it's wonderful.

Tags: Country, Everyone  ✍ Author: Scott Hamilton

To be matter-of-fact about the world is to blunder into fantasy - and dull fantasy at that, as the real world is strange and wonderful.

Tags: Real, Strange  ✍ Author: Robert A. Heinlein

It's that wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come first and you come second. This was the whole ethic by which I was brought up. Others matter more than you do, so 'don't fuss, dear; get on with it.'

Tags: Others, Whole  ✍ Author: Audrey Hepburn

I don't need that much to live - we don't need that much to have a wonderful life. I learned that from animals.

Tags: Learned, Life  ✍ Author: Carrie Ann Inaba

St. Petersburg is a wonderful city. You have wonderful parks, birds singing in the trees, manatees in the water, pelicans. So it's like this little paradise on Earth.

Tags: Earth, Water  ✍ Author: Bjarke Ingels

The '50s was a pretty wonderful time for people, it was hopeful.

Tags: Pretty, Time  ✍ Author: Chris Isaak

I am keenly aware that I benefit from a wonderful tradition in the UK of designing and making.

Tags: Aware, Making  ✍ Author: Igor Ivanov

J has told me about his past. I know what happened and why. But he is the one person who made me believe in my talent and whatever happened in the past, he's been a wonderful manager to me.

Tags: Past, Why  ✍ Author: LaToya Jackson

My mother's wonderful. To me she's perfection.

Tags: Mother, She  ✍ Author: Michael Jackson

My daughter is wonderful and incredibly well behaved. I am very lucky. She will always be my priority.

Tags: Lucky, She  ✍ Author: Jamelia

I think it's one of my favourite theatres ever, so quirky and wonderful and steeped in history. The space is wonderful and the acoustics are brilliant.

Tags: History, Space  ✍ Author: Louise Jameson

If you have enough people sitting around telling you you're wonderful, then you start believing you're fabulous, then someone tells you you stink and you believe that too!

Tags: Enough, Someone  ✍ Author: Angelina Jolie

You want to enjoy making a movie - it's a wonderful, collaborative thing.

Tags: Enjoy, Making  ✍ Author: Tony Kaye

We have this wonderful language and we don't appreciate it. That's old-fashioned me, but when I went to school, everyone had elocution lessons, not to sound posh but so you could be understood.

Tags: Everyone, School  ✍ Author: Penelope Keith

God creates out of nothing. Wonderful you say. Yes, to be sure, but he does what is still more wonderful: he makes saints out of sinners.

Tags: God, Makes  ✍ Author: Soren Kierkegaard

Except a living man, there is nothing more wonderful than a book.

Tags: Book, Living  ✍ Author: Charles Kingsley

Dream research is a wonderful field. All you do is sleep for a living.

Tags: Living, Sleep  ✍ Author: Shia LaBeouf

But then one day the Lord put us together through our agent and it's been a wonderful match.

Tags: Put, Together  ✍ Author: Tim LaHaye

I've always been a strong family advocate. I had a wonderful family growing up.

Tags: Family, Strong  ✍ Author: Cheryl Ladd

My former wife is a truly wonderful person.

Tags: Truly, Wife  ✍ Author: Burt Lancaster

Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.

Tags: Accept, Pet  ✍ Author: Ann Landers

Know yourself. Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.

Tags: Accept, Yourself  ✍ Author: Ann Landers

There are days when I still want to be able to do what I want when I want, but there's also something wonderful about being secure.

Tags: Able, Days  ✍ Author: K. D. Lang

We all know, the ones who play golf, know what a wonderful game it is and what a great past-time it is.

Tags: Game, Great  ✍ Author: Bernhard Langer

I have known great things and wonderful persons, and I have known homage.

Tags: Great, Known  ✍ Author: Lillie Langtry

My agent tells me I am drawing the largest salary ever paid in the halls of England. Wonderful, isn't it? for a quiet, rural gardener like myself.

Tags: Paid, Quiet  ✍ Author: Lillie Langtry

Streetcar is a most wonderful, wonderful play.

 ✍ Author: Vivien Leigh

But more wonderful than the lore of old men and the lore of books is the secret lore of ocean.

Tags: Men, Old  ✍ Author: H. P. Lovecraft

That boundless freedom of childhood is so wonderful.

Tags: Childhood, Freedom  ✍ Author: Margrethe II of Denmark

I love learning, and I think that curiosity is a wonderful gift.

Tags: Learning, Love  ✍ Author: Andie MacDowell

The comedy of class, played so straight, is a wonderful thing for an actor to sink their teeth into.

Tags: Actor, Comedy  ✍ Author: Shirley MacLaine

I think of life itself now as a wonderful play that I've written for myself, and so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing my part.

Tags: Fun, Life  ✍ Author: Shirley MacLaine

We hold that the most wonderful and splendid proof of genius is a great poem produced in a civilized age.

Tags: Age, Great  ✍ Author: Rose Macaulay

He had a wonderful talent for packing thought close, and rendering it portable.

Tags: Talent, Thought  ✍ Author: Rose Macaulay

Audiences aren't going to get rid of me. One thing I can say, with absolute certainty, is that my shows will still be performed when I'm dead, buried and forgotten. They're going to absolutely outlive me, which is a wonderful thing to think about.

Tags: Dead, Forgotten  ✍ Author: Cameron Mackintosh

Television has some lovely aspects to it - and some ghastly aspects - but the theater itself was a wonderful invention.

Tags: Lovely, Television  ✍ Author: Patrick Macnee
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