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Eve Hewson's Quotes

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Born: 1991-07-07
Profession: Actress
Nation: Irish
Biography of Eve Hewson

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I always wanted to go to Sundance.

Tags: Sundance, Wanted

I don't get handed money - and I never will. I have to work!

Tags: Handed, Money, Work

I get called 'Memphis Eve,' but my first name is Eve. I know Memphis is in there somewhere, but on my passport I'm 'Eve Sunny Day Hewson.'

Tags: Name, Somewhere, Sunny

In my family, I would never dare to think of being Paris Hilton! And to me, that doesn't look like a happy existence - it's just not who I am.

Tags: Existence, Family, Happy

No one knows who I am and no-one cares. I could jump in front of a camera man and he'd just tell me to get out of the way.

Tags: Camera, Knows, Tell

That's the thing about acting - you can't fake it.

Tags: Acting, Fake

There were times when I wondered if I was doing the right thing, studying when I could have been going to auditions.

Tags: Studying, Times, Wondered
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Eve Hewson's quote #3
Eve Hewson's quote #3
Eve Hewson's quote #3
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