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I would say my best feature has to be my legs - they are 41.5 inches long!

Tags: Best, Legs  ✍ Author: Stacy Keibler

Gaiety is the most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union.

Tags: Soviet, Union  ✍ Author: Joseph Stalin

One new feature or fresh take can change everything.

Tags: Change, Fresh  ✍ Author: Neil Young

It's not easy to take a sit-com and turn it into a feature.

Tags: Easy, Turn  ✍ Author: Rowan Atkinson

Dragon's Lair 3D is about as close as you can come to controlling an animated feature film.

Tags: Close, Film  ✍ Author: Don Bluth

A lot of feature films do two pages a day.

Tags: Films, Pages  ✍ Author: Timothy Bottoms

This is a Disney animated feature; it's eternal, it's history. What's there to think about'

Tags: Eternal, History  ✍ Author: Tia Carrere

Do you know what I'm working on now? My first feature as a director.

Tags: Director, Working  ✍ Author: Faye Dunaway

I just don't see where I could possibly fit in directing a feature.

Tags: Directing, Fit  ✍ Author: Rachel Griffiths

I prefer doing feature films.

Tags: Films, Prefer  ✍ Author: Taraji P. Henson

Each feature I make is my focus at that time.

Tags: Focus, Time  ✍ Author: Regina King

I just believe that our most redeeming feature as a species is our capacity for love.

Tags: Capacity, Love  ✍ Author: Amanda McBroom

I know that my mind is so A.D.D., and I want instant gratification - and photography can provide me with that - but at some point, I want to make an independent feature.

Tags: Mind, Point  ✍ Author: Ryan McGinley

My best feature is my hair.

Tags: Best, Hair  ✍ Author: Hayley Mills

I therefore named this isolated and remarkable feature Swan Hill.

Tags: Isolated, Remarkable  ✍ Author: Shay Mitchell

Well I directed a few feature length things for HBO in the late eighties.

Tags: Few, Late  ✍ Author: Harry Shearer

I like the map feature on the iPhone that tells me where I am, because I travel a lot.

Tags: Map, Travel  ✍ Author: Gary Shteyngart

I see myself starring in and producing major feature films.

Tags: Films, Major  ✍ Author: Amy Weber

I would love to direct a feature and have Robert Connolly produce it. That would be really fab.

Tags: Direct, Love  ✍ Author: David Wenham

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