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Frederick Pollock's Quotes

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Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Judge
Nation: English
Biography of Frederick Pollock

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It is odd how learned persons fail to see that new terms and definitions are apt to mean new doubts and litigation.

Tags: Fail, Learned, Mean

Medieval justice was a quaint thing.

Tags: Justice, Medieval, Quaint

But it is strange how many rational beings believe the ultimate truths of the universe to be reducible to patterns on a blackboard.

Tags: Strange, Ultimate, Universe

Crabbed and obscure definitions are of no use beyond a narrow circle of students, of whom probably every one has a pet one of his own.

Tags: Beyond, Pet, Students

I have not heard that even the New York abortion has done very much in the States where it has been enacted.

Tags: Done, Heard, York

It cannot be assumed that equity was following common law whenever they agreed, any more than the converse.

Tags: Cannot, Common, Law

It is strange how little harm bad codes do.

Tags: Bad, Harm, Strange

Our lady the Common Law is a very wise old lady though she still has something to learn in telling what she knows.

Tags: Law, Old, Wise

So far I go with the Socialists as to think it a pretty general rule that, where monopoly is necessary, it is better in public hands.

Tags: Far, Pretty, Public

The lawyer has not reached the height of his vocation who does not find therein... scope for a peculiar but genuine artistic function.

Tags: Artistic, Genuine, Lawyer

The oldest theory of contract is I think negative.

Tags: Contract, Negative, Theory

The practice of the law is a perfectly distinct art.

Tags: Art, Law, Practice

Yet when one suspects that a man knows something about life that one hasn't heard before one is uneasy until one has found out what he has to say.

Tags: Found, Life, Until

Consider the Essay as a political pamphlet on the Revolution side, and the fact that it was the Whig gospel for a century, and you will see its working merit.

Tags: Political, Revolution, Working

Have you ever found any logical reason why mutual promises are sufficient consideration for one another (like the two lean horses of a Calcutta hack who can only just stand together)? I have not.

Tags: Another, Together, Why

If you deny that any principles of conduct at all are common to and admitted by all men who try to behave reasonably - well, I don't see how you can have any ethics or any ethical background for law.

Tags: Law, Men, Try

Not that pleading can be taken as a test, for the forms of action, notably Debt, ignore the fundamental difference between duties imposed by law and duties created by the will of the parties.

Tags: Between, Ignore, Law

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