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The ultimate binding element in the medieval order was subordination to the divine will and its earthly representatives, notably the pope.

Tags: Divine, Order  ✍ Author: Irving Babbitt

One can imagine that the ultimate mathematician is one who can see analogies between analogies.

Tags: Between, Imagine  ✍ Author: Stefan Banach

The ultimate sin of any performer is contempt for the audience.

Tags: Audience, Sin  ✍ Author: Lester Bangs

The ultimate first date? Something that is completely out of the ordinary - go crazy, because first dates are always a little awkward, so do something a little extreme.

Tags: Awkward, Crazy  ✍ Author: Gina Carano

The greenhorn is the ultimate victor in everything; it is he that gets the most out of life.

Tags: Life, Victor  ✍ Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton

You can't get more appreciation than that, to be elected by the fans. That's the ultimate, really.

Tags: Elected, Fans  ✍ Author: Eric Davis

I think there's a future where the Web and print coexist and they each do things uniquely and complement each other, and we have what could be the ultimate and best-yet array of journalistic venues.

Tags: Future, Print  ✍ Author: Dave Eggers

The ultimate revenge is being on Top Of The Pops.

Tags: Revenge, Top  ✍ Author: Siobhan Fahey

War is the ultimate tool of politics.

Tags: Politics, War  ✍ Author: R. Buckminster Fuller

Creme Brulee is the ultimate 'guy' dessert. Make it and he'll follow you anywhere.

Tags: Follow, Guy  ✍ Author: Ina Garten

Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort meal.

Tags: Cheese, Comfort  ✍ Author: Ina Garten

Silence is the ultimate weapon of power.

Tags: Power, Silence  ✍ Author: Charles de Gaulle

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Tags: Foot, Severed  ✍ Author: Mitch Hedberg

The ultimate court of appeal is observation and experiment... not authority.

Tags: Authority, Court  ✍ Author: Thomas Huxley

To me the arcade experience is the ultimate gaming experience.

Tags: Experience, Gaming  ✍ Author: Robert Jarvik

When I got finished, Gershwin paid me the ultimate compliment. He said, 'Boy, even I couldn't do that.'

Tags: Boy, Said  ✍ Author: Burton Lane

It is your work in life that is the ultimate seduction.

Tags: Life, Work  ✍ Author: Pablo Picasso

Isn't that the ultimate homeland security, standing up and defending marriage?

Tags: Marriage, Security  ✍ Author: Rick Santorum

Capri on the Amalfi Coast in Italy is my ultimate holiday destination.

Tags: Holiday, Italy  ✍ Author: Vidal Sassoon

Love is the ultimate theme, but it's not just for women.

Tags: Love, Women  ✍ Author: Will Smith

Over the long haul of life on this planet, it is the ecologists, and not the bookkeepers of business, who are the ultimate accountants.

Tags: Business, Life  ✍ Author: Stewart Udall

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Tags: Simplicity  ✍ Author: Leonardo da Vinci

I have viewed the West as if it were not only the salvation of China but also the natural and ultimate destination of all humanity.

Tags: Humanity, Natural  ✍ Author: Liu Xiaobo

The hybrid I have now is one of the least expensive cars I've ever had. I had a BMW 318i convertible once, the ultimate driving machine.

Tags: Cars, Once  ✍ Author: Sean Astin

Lawrence of Arabia is the ultimate movie, deeply cinematic.

Tags: Deeply, Movie  ✍ Author: Christine Baranski
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That's the ultimate gratification in any business situation - do customers buy the product? And do they use it and do they come back and buy more of it?

Tags: Business, Situation  ✍ Author: Jim Barksdale

The ultimate camping trip was the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Tags: Camping, Trip  ✍ Author: Dave Barry

Most movie-goers are overdosing on star coverage; it's the ultimate example of too much information.

Tags: Example, Star  ✍ Author: Peter Bart

My ultimate goal is to become a saint.

Tags: Become, Goal  ✍ Author: Marisa Berenson

Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.

Tags: Sad, Sadness  ✍ Author: Bill Blass

You have to go to the ultimate situation in drama.

Tags: Drama, Situation  ✍ Author: Edward Bond

To win in Australia, for me, has to be the ultimate success because the Aussies live for sport.

Tags: Success, Win  ✍ Author: Ian Botham

They paid the ultimate price and we can never forget their sacrifice.

Tags: Forget, Sacrifice  ✍ Author: Robert A. Brady

Junk is the ideal product... the ultimate merchandise. No sales talk necessary. The client will crawl through a sewer and beg to buy.

Tags: Necessary, Talk  ✍ Author: William S. Burroughs

The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.

Tags: Deadline  ✍ Author: Nolan Bushnell

Abortion is the ultimate violence.

Tags: Abortion, Violence  ✍ Author: Robert Casey

Charlie Rose is the ultimate ad.

Tags: Ad, Rose  ✍ Author: Jay Chiat

Collaboration on a book is the ultimate unnatural act.

Tags: Act, Book  ✍ Author: Tom Clancy

There are women who take it to the wire. That's what they are looking for, the ultimate confrontation. They want a smack.

Tags: Looking, Women  ✍ Author: Sean Connery

The beloved is the ultimate fetish.

Tags: Beloved, Fetish  ✍ Author: Tre Cool

My ultimate vocation in life is to be an irritant.

Tags: Life, Vocation  ✍ Author: Elvis Costello

Having the opportunity to fly the first flight of something like a space shuttle was the ultimate test flight.

Tags: Space, Test  ✍ Author: Robert Crippen

But the myth of violent solutions as the ultimate solutions maintains itself in much of popular media.

Tags: Media, Popular  ✍ Author: Stanley Crouch

The ultimate mystery is one's own self.

Tags: Mystery, Self  ✍ Author: Sammy Davis, Jr.

Becoming an Olympian is the ultimate reward for any athlete.

Tags: Becoming, Reward  ✍ Author: Michael Diamond

I've got a long way to go to being the ultimate best, but I think my time is now. And I'm starting to enter my prime.

Tags: Best, Time  ✍ Author: Kevin Durant

Wouldn't want to write the X-Men, and I suppose the X-Men is the ultimate Marvel comic, and I really wouldn't want to go anywhere near it at all, although on the other had I wouldn't mind having a crack at something like the Punisher.

Tags: Mind, Write  ✍ Author: Garth Ennis

Cancer's like the ultimate excuse. Who's gonna say, 'Oh, no, you have to show up for this one?' 'Hey, I got cancer. I can't be there.' It's the ultimate eraser.

Tags: Cancer, Show  ✍ Author: Melissa Etheridge

Chazz Palminteri is just the ultimate screen husband.

Tags: Husband, Screen  ✍ Author: Linda Fiorentino

A total commitment is paramount to reaching the ultimate in performance.

Tags: Commitment, Total  ✍ Author: Tom Flores

To me, marriage is the ultimate mystery.

Tags: Marriage, Mystery  ✍ Author: Errol Flynn

My play is the ultimate expression of my feeling of the twilight of Western civilization.

Tags: Expression, Feeling  ✍ Author: George Foreman

I think that Van Gogh is really the ultimate crazy artist that we all think of.

Tags: Artist, Crazy  ✍ Author: Ellen Forney

The ultimate touchstone of constitutionality is the Constitution itself and not what we have said about it.

Tags: Said, Touchstone  ✍ Author: Felix Frankfurter

My fancy dress costume of choice is... something 1920s or 30s, when there was still so much elegance and attention to detail. An excuse for ultimate dressing-up indulgence.

Tags: Attention, Choice  ✍ Author: Ellie Goulding

Being God would be the ultimate.

Tags: God  ✍ Author: Macy Gray

The novel has always been the form that incorporates other forms. For me, it has always been the ultimate medium.

Tags: Forms, Novel  ✍ Author: Zac Hanson

The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar which the ultimate fulfillment of that hope never entirely removes.

Tags: Hope, Leaves  ✍ Author: Thomas Hardy

The ultimate tendency of civilization is towards barbarism.

Tags: Barbarism, Tendency  ✍ Author: David Hare

Flying is like the ultimate superpower; it's just, like, the coolest thing.

Tags: Coolest, Flying  ✍ Author: Logan Henderson

The ultimate judge of your swing is the flight of the ball.

Tags: Ball, Judge  ✍ Author: Ben Hogan

Katarina Witt. She was the ultimate competitor. She would just stare down people before competition. She was relentless on the ice.

Tags: Ice, She  ✍ Author: Sarah Hughes

Culture must have its ultimate aim in the metaphysical or it will cease to be culture.

Tags: Aim, Culture  ✍ Author: Johan Huizinga

The ultimate security is your understanding of reality.

Tags: Reality, Security  ✍ Author: Donald Judd

It is the ultimate honor for a coach to be his country's coach.

Tags: Country, Honor  ✍ Author: Mike Krzyzewski

The amount of information that can be stored by the ultimate laptop, 10 to the 31st bits, is much higher than the 10 to the 10th bits stored on current laptops.

Tags: Current, Higher  ✍ Author: Sabrina Lloyd

Being an Olympian is the ultimate test of one's sporting ability.

Tags: Ability, Test  ✍ Author: Mary Ellen Mark

The Olympic Games is the ultimate level of competition.

Tags: Games, Level  ✍ Author: Mary Ellen Mark

I've always wanted to be an animator. That's an ultimate art form, right there.

Tags: Art, Wanted  ✍ Author: Jason Marsden

My ultimate search has been for a muse.

Tags: Muse, Search  ✍ Author: Dominic Monaghan

The Queen is the ultimate dictator.

Tags: Dictator, Queen  ✍ Author: Steven Patrick Morrissey

The word processor is a better tool than a quill pen because you can do so much more with it, but on the other hand, what you have to say and how you say it is the ultimate determination.

Tags: Hand, Word  ✍ Author: Walter Murch

Loneliness is the ultimate poverty.

Tags: Loneliness, Poverty  ✍ Author: Pauline Phillips

But it is strange how many rational beings believe the ultimate truths of the universe to be reducible to patterns on a blackboard.

Tags: Strange, Universe  ✍ Author: Frederick Pollock

But if there is a just God, there is ultimate justice.

Tags: God, Justice  ✍ Author: Dennis Prager

For athletes, the Olympics are the ultimate test of their worth.

Tags: Test, Worth  ✍ Author: Mary Lou Retton

My ultimate style icon is Grace Jones.

Tags: Grace, Style  ✍ Author: Nick Rhodes

The Stones in a club is still the ultimate rush.

Tags: Club, Stones  ✍ Author: Keith Richards

Love is the last relay and ultimate outposts of eternity.

Tags: Last, Love  ✍ Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The power to define the situation is the ultimate power.

Tags: Power, Situation  ✍ Author: Jerry Rubin

The individual who signs the check has the ultimate power.

Tags: Individual, Power  ✍ Author: Jerry Rubin

Everybody has their 15 minutes, and those 15 minutes should be spent in a private limo and a private plane. It's the ultimate.

Tags: Everybody, Private  ✍ Author: William Shatner

To play in the World Cup and try to win something for England was the ultimate.

Tags: Try, Win  ✍ Author: Peter Shilton

The ultimate censorship is the flick of the dial.

Tags: Censorship, Dial  ✍ Author: Tommy Smothers

Bad acting is the ultimate inconsideration.

Tags: Acting, Bad  ✍ Author: Debra Winger

Love is the ultimate expression of the will to live.

Tags: Expression, Love  ✍ Author: Tom Wolfe

I don't believe that human beings can achieve ultimate enlightenment, because humans have flaws.

Tags: Achieve, Human  ✍ Author: Tiger Woods
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