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Geezer Butler's Quotes

Geezer Butler profile photo

Born: 1949-07-17
Profession: Musician
Nation: English
Biography of Geezer Butler

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When you see all of these bands citing you as influences, it makes you feel relevant.

Tags: Bands, Makes, Relevant

Without a doubt, Ozzy is the craziest person I've ever met. Son of Sam is a close second.

Tags: Doubt, Second, Son

I don't feel a lack of hope. It's just disappointment that after all these years we're still fighting meaningless wars for a handful of people.

Tags: After, Fighting, Hope

If you are a pop band, don't say you're a metal band. Poison and Warrant were about as metal as the Backstreet Boys.

Tags: Band, Metal, Poison

Black Sabbath was written on bass: I just walked into the studio and went, bah, bah, bah, and everybody joined in and we just did it.

Tags: Black, Everybody, Written

However long the song is was how long it took us to write it.

Tags: Song, Took, Write

The '80s were the worst period. You had these horrible pop bands growing their hair and calling themselves metal.

Tags: Growing, Hair, Themselves

It doesn't matter who you vote for. It's still the same billionaires that run the world.

Tags: Matter, Run, Vote

To me, Sabbath was always JUSt a really heavy blues band. That s all we were. We just took those blues roots and made them heavier.

Tags: Band, Blues, Took

I like to deal in the reality of life. I'm too old to sing about women and things like that.

Tags: Life, Reality, Women

I love soccer. That's all I ever watch. I'll watch it all day if I can. But I'm too bloody old to play now.

Tags: Love, Old, Soccer

I never picked a bass up before Sabbath started.

Tags: Bass, Sabbath, Started

I never try and sound like Sabbath.

Tags: Sabbath, Sound, Try

I was so frustrated in Sabbath after the last few albums. I just didn't like the musical direction Sabbath was going in.

Tags: After, Few, Last

I would not want to write something about something I do not think about.

Tags: Write

I've been perfectly happily married for 25 years, and have a nice life. Inane things don't interest me.

Tags: Life, Married, Nice

If you polish things too much, it loses the feeling.

Tags: Feeling, Loses, Polish

It seems like the older bands are bigger than ever. We get a mixed crowd where you have kids and old blokes like me.

Tags: Kids, Old, Older

It's totally produced now. It's almost like a conveyor belt of what metal's supposed to be like these days. It's not music to me.

Tags: Almost, Days, Music

Jack Bruce, as soon as I saw him, it changed me. I didn't even know what bass players did until I saw Cream.

Tags: Him, Soon, Until

Lately, I've been listening to some jazz albums. I love the new Pat Metheny album. John Coltrane. I still like good metal, though!

Tags: Good, Love, Though

Ozzy wanted to get us back together. It's been 20 years. We did a couple of songs during his farewell in 1992 and that got the ball rolling.

Tags: Farewell, Together, Wanted

The Geezer album, Black Science, had a lot of keyboards and it did not work.

Tags: Black, Science, Work
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To do the Ozzfest again would be great. I'd like to finish with a final Sabbath album. You always feel that it is still a challenge.

Tags: Again, Challenge, Great

Toward the later days of Sabbath, instead of going in and knocking out what songs we did in rehearsal, we would polish them to death.

Tags: Days, Death, Songs

We were into Hendrix and Cream, who were like the heaviest bands around at that time. We just wanted to be heavier than everybody else!

Tags: Else, Time, Wanted

What I used to play was rhythm guitar before I saw Jack Bruce. I said, That's what I want to do in life. He was definitely the main influence.

Tags: Guitar, Life, Said