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George Hamilton's Quotes

George Hamilton profile photo

Born: 1939-08-12
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of George Hamilton

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A lot of actors flame out.

Tags: Flame

A world-class playboy once told me that the key to mesmerising women is to listen to them and look deeply into their eyes.

Tags: Eyes, Once, Women

Basically, I'm a shy human being. Very introverted.

Tags: Basically, Human, Shy

I always adored Cary Grant. I was fascinated by him. But I could never get too close to him.

Tags: Close, Fascinated, Him

I can tan quickly. What takes people hours to do, I can tan in half an hour.

Tags: Half, Hours, Takes

I consume an enormous number of books, but they're always on a particular subject because I'm obsessive.

Tags: Books, Number, Subject

I don't use the phrase 'I love you' very often, but I say it every time I talk to my children.

Tags: Children, Love, Time

I doubt anyone in Hollywood has had more 'dates' than me.

Tags: Anyone, Doubt, Hollywood

I'm kind of like a relic from another era.

Tags: Another, Era, Relic

I'm my own doctor. I have a group of people who call me up on a weekly basis. I'm a 'doctor' without a license.

Tags: Call, Doctor, Group

I'm not somebody who runs from the press. I'm not coy. I appreciate the press I've had over the years.

Tags: Appreciate, Press, Somebody

I've developed a self-discipline since the time I was a child.

Tags: Child, Since, Time

I've never turned down an autograph request. I've never not taken a picture with someone.

Tags: Picture, Someone, Taken

The truth of it is that women are far more logical than men.

Tags: Men, Truth, Women

Women don't like men who know they're good looking. They'd much prefer a man who doesn't know he's good looking.

Tags: Good, Men, Women

Women love romance, but they're not as romantic as men.

Tags: Love, Men, Women

Women want honesty but sometimes get upset if you are honest, so you need to know when to be honest.

Tags: Honesty, Sometimes, Women

Acting has always been something for me that's been a romp. I just show up and I have a good time, and I hope that I get through the day and I can have lunch in the sun.

Tags: Good, Hope, Time

Democracy, if it meant what our forefathers said, that would be great, but unfortunately it's been corrupted by this funding and funding of campaigns. There's a much better way to do it. There could be a small amount of money given by every taxpayer to be dedicated to candidates.

Tags: Democracy, Great, Money

I've gone to skin doctors and they'll say to you, 'We should remove this because it's pre-cancerous,' and I'll say, 'Explain pre-cancerous to me.' I'll listen for about twenty minutes and I'll say excuse me, 'Is pre-cancerous like pre-dead? So you're saying it could turn into cancer but it's not cancer?'

Tags: Gone, Listen, Saying

It's hard for people to get their hands around fame, because it's heady stuff, and you have to look at it as being dangerous explosives, and you have to handle it with care.

Tags: Care, Dangerous, Hard

It's my personal opinion, and I'm not espousing it to anybody else, I think your immune system and how healthy you are determines how you react to any excess of any kind.

Tags: Else, Opinion, Personal

My mother was a star-struck girl from a little town in Arkansas who had gone to finishing school in New York, and whose mother had given her anything she ever wanted.

Tags: Girl, Mother, School

Once, as an experiment, I travelled around the world with a single suit. Before I left, I went to a tailor in Savile Row and asked him to make me a suit that I could wear in any climate and which I could use as a tuxedo, a dinner jacket, a lounge suit and a blazer.

Tags: Him, Once, Single

While I put forth the suntan and the teeth and the cavalier attitude, I've survived under the worst of eras and times, and I've always had a good time doing it, because I never really took myself seriously, nor did I take life seriously because it is already terribly serious.

Tags: Good, Life, Time
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