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Gerry Rafferty's Quotes

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Born: 1947-04-16
Profession: Musician
Nation: Scottish
Biography of Gerry Rafferty

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The important thing for any young singer or musician is to keep focused on becoming a better musician as opposed to becoming a bigger celebrity.

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I've never worried about how a new release will be received. I simply try to do the best I can and leave the rest to the gods. The music industry in those terms is something I loathe and detest. It conjures up images of a gigantic factory spewing out parts of the machine.

Tags: Best, Music, Try

In life, everything just happens, and I believe even before we are born that our role in life has already been determined. My main ambition is to continue to write music, which helps me to evolve in a spiritual sense and hopefully to inspire others.

Tags: Life, Music, Spiritual

There have been periods in my life where I have experienced depression. It has been through some of my darkest moments that I have written some of my best songs. For me, singing and writing is very therapeutic. It's much more effective than taking Prozac!

Tags: Best, Depression, Life

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Gerry Rafferty's quote #2
Gerry Rafferty's quote #2
Gerry Rafferty's quote #2
Gerry Rafferty's quote #2
Gerry Rafferty's quote #2