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Greg Maddux's Quotes

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Born: 1966-04-14
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Greg Maddux

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I don't care if we're out of it or not, if I've got a chance to pitch, I want to.

Tags: Care, Chance, Pitch

The reason I think I'm a good pitcher is I locate my fastball and I change speeds. Period. That's what you do to pitch. That's what pitchers have to do to win games.

Tags: Change, Good, Win

I daydream just like everybody else. I just do it with my body facing the field, so everybody thinks I'm paying attention.

Tags: Attention, Body, Else

I don't believe for one second that the eye surgery has helped me on the mound.

Tags: Eye, Helped, Second

I know I don't throw very hard anymore, but I'd like to think I can still hurt a guy who's not looking.

Tags: Hard, Hurt, Looking

I look forward to another good year next year. It would be nice to win, too.

Tags: Forward, Good, Nice

I only know one way to pitch. I really do.

Tags: Pitch

I take golf trips with my brother or with friends. We usually go to Pebble or Bandon Dunes. One year we went to Hawaii.

Tags: Brother, Friends, Year

I was under the impression I had signed a three-year contract. I want to be back. I expect to be back. I will be back.

Tags: Contract, Expect, Impression

I would love to try to win another game. Obviously, it's more fun when you win. I'd rather try and not win than not try at all.

Tags: Fun, Game, Love

If they want me I'd love to come back. I'm not going to play because I can, I'm going to play because I deserve it.

Tags: Deserve, Love

The dirt was OK, but once you hit the grass... Wet grass is slippery.

Tags: Grass, Hit, Once
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Greg Maddux's quote #6
Greg Maddux's quote #6
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