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Hominid Quotes

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I think we're going to move from a Homo sapiens into a Homo evolutis:... a hominid that takes direct and deliberate control over the evolution of his species, her species and other species.

Tags: Control, Her, Move  ✍ Author: Anne Enright

It has actually been suggested that warfare may have been the principle evolutionary pressure that created the huge gap between the human brain and that of our closest living relatives, the anthropoid apes. Whole groups of hominids with inferior brains could not win wars and were therefore exterminated.

Tags: Brain, Human, May  ✍ Author: Jane Goodall

I kept an open mind on the question of whether a hominid had been present in Europe in the early Pleistocene.

Tags: Mind, Question, Whether  ✍ Author: Louis Leakey

To investigate the history of man's development, the most important finds are, of course, hominid fossils.

Tags: Finds, Fossils, History  ✍ Author: Richard Leakey

The human brain is a product of natural selection. In the face of scarcity, our hominid great-great-uncles were unable to compete against our sapient great-great-grandparents' abilities to build more elaborate mental models and orchestrate their bodies' movements in more sophisticated ways.

Tags: Against, Brain, Human  ✍ Author: Irene Rosenfeld

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