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James L. Brooks's Quotes

James L. Brooks profile photo

Born: 1940-05-09
Profession: Producer
Nation: American
Biography of James L. Brooks

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I took some time out for life.

Tags: Life, Time, Took

I had a marketing idea that everybody hated, decency is sexy.

Tags: Everybody, Idea, Sexy

A lot of things just aren't true any more.

Tags: True

Great things that can happen when you're doing a movie.

Tags: Great, Happen, Movie

I have a lot of nightmares.

Tags: Nightmares

I love romantic comedy, but I think you have to have another idea that you're chasing along with romantic comedy.

Tags: Another, Love, Romantic

I think you have a pact with an audience in every picture, and I think the pact is to try and be truthful and to be real.

Tags: Picture, Real, Try

I value comedy. I value somebody who can be funny.

Tags: Comedy, Funny, Value

I'm big on research.

Tags: Big, Research

Kids in general make things fresh and alive and they have this great appreciation for, Holy mackerel, we're making a movie!

Tags: Great, Kids, Making

Media reporting denied privacy to anybody doing what I do for a living. It was no longer possible to work on your picture in privacy.

Tags: Living, Picture, Work

Things get very distorted when you do a movie, weirdly so.

Tags: Distorted, Movie, Weirdly

Tone is up for grabs in what we do - what's the tone of the scene.

Tags: Scene, Tone

You become so obsessed, and that's not a bad thing for a movie. Serve it with that sense that it's the whole world.

Tags: Bad, Become, Sense

I've done it with Broadcast News-where there was no finish line, there was no agenda that I had to move all the characters to this point, that I was sort of open to what happens.

Tags: Done, Happens, Point

What does it mean for an actor to make a part his own? It means that he takes on what you had intended and starts to put in his own stuff so that it becomes something that could only happen if he played it.

Tags: Happen, Mean, Put
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