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Jay Mohr's Quotes

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Born: 1970-08-23
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Jay Mohr

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I think I made a mistake once... yeah... it was only once.

Tags: Mistake, Once, Yeah

When human beings stop progressing at an endeavor, they stop enjoying it and move on to something else. Not golfers. Masochists, all of them.

Tags: Else, Human, Stop

You know how to tell if the teacher is hung over? Movie Day.

Tags: Movie, Teacher, Tell

But if applause throws off your timing, then you're not the kind of comedian I would like to see. All you have to do is stand there and take it.

Tags: Off, Stand, Timing

Fantasy football is not only a good thing, but a great thing.

Tags: Football, Good, Great

I hate golf. I do not understand how anyone can enjoy it, much less love it.

Tags: Enjoy, Hate, Love

I never minded George Steinbrenner spending obscene amounts of money to put the best product on the field.

Tags: Best, Money, Put

I was the youngest kid on my street, the youngest comic in the clubs. I always felt like I was playing catch-up. I was very angry.

Tags: Angry, Felt, Playing

I wasn't the guy everyone liked. I was the guy that wouldn't shut up.

Tags: Everyone, Guy, Liked

I'm oddly not competitive. What I love about show business is there is a home for everyone.

Tags: Business, Home, Love

If it doesn't know what to charge you for nosebleed seats, your team sucks.

Tags: Charge, Sucks, Team

If it has to sell its mascot, your team sucks.

Tags: Sell, Sucks, Team

Not everyone likes sports. Gandhi and Malcolm X come to mind.

Tags: Everyone, Mind, Sports

True Yankees are born, not made.

Tags: Born, True, Yankees

Unfortunately, there are no mulligans when it comes to pro football contracts.

Tags: Contracts, Football, Pro

Why are baseball managers the only coaches who dress up like the players?

Tags: Baseball, Players, Why

I think golf is a waste of time and a waste of a sunny afternoon. I also stink at it. I have never found anything, including divorce and a sexual harassment suit, more frustrating.

Tags: Divorce, Found, Time

I wonder why there is a designated hitter in baseball after all these years? As an experiment, it seemed like a swell enough idea, but you would think the novelty would have worn off by now and everyone would get back to playing baseball.

Tags: Baseball, Enough, Why

Marc Maron's podcast success has nothing to do with my podcast success. If I do a quarter of a million downloads, I can show that to an advertiser as a fact, and that's that.

Tags: Fact, Show, Success
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