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Jeffrey Tambor's Quotes

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Born: 1944-07-08
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Jeffrey Tambor

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And I'd watch George C. Scott from backstage. He was one of my mentors.

Tags: Backstage, Mentors, Watch

As my manager says, 'These are wonderful problems.'

Tags: Problems, Says, Wonderful

I came to New York late; I was already past 30.

Tags: Late, Past, York

I love this company. I don't know how it was selected. It's a bunch of machers. They mean business.

Tags: Business, Love, Mean

The Emmy should be an ensemble award, too. I kept howling at everyone else's performances.

Tags: Else, Everyone, Kept

When I got this role, my daughter Molly said, 'Dad, you've come full circle.

Tags: Dad, Full, Said

I loved the gentlemanly way they treated each other. It was unlike anything I was used to. I started helping them strike the set and, at 11, began taking acting classes privately.

Tags: Acting, Loved, Used

I remember going to Bob Preston's dressing room because I was losing a laugh - as you do in a long run. He said, 'Give me the script. That's where you're going off the road.' That's comedy. It's never the line itself; it's in the foundation.

Tags: Give, Laugh, Remember

My education was doing good plays and also stinkers. When you do a stinker, you learn how to act. I like having to audition. It's nice to do rehearsals. But it's with an audience that you get to love it!

Tags: Education, Good, Love

My part had three lines. I said, 'You look wonderful, sir,' three times. All my friends said, 'Do not take that role - and do not understudy. You'll regret it the rest of your life.' I did both of those things, and I've never regretted it once.

Tags: Friends, Life, Regret

This whole thing about winning and losing is muddy waters. But I can remember, as a young actor, just walking around this city and not being able to get arrested.

Tags: Remember, Winning, Young
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