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Jerry Moran's Quotes

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Born: 1954-05-29
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Jerry Moran

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And innovation and entrepreneurship is the opportunity and best opportunity we have to grow the economy.

Tags: Best, Economy, Grow

I always assumed the Department of Agriculture was the farmer and rancher's friend.

Tags: Assumed, Farmer, Friend

One of the most difficult speeches to prepare is an address to a graduation class, which is why I don't often do them.

Tags: Difficult, Graduation, Why

This is a global fight to get the right people in the right place and we're talking about people with PhDs in engineering, computer science, mathematics.

Tags: Fight, Place, Science

American farmers and ranchers deserve a USDA that will pursue supportive policies rather than seek their further harm.

Tags: American, Deserve, Rather

I am convinced that success is not measured by what you get out of life, but by what you give back.

Tags: Give, Life, Success

My goal is not to create a circumstance in which no one fails, but one in which many will succeed.

Tags: Create, Goal, Succeed

Never in my life would I have expected USDA to be opposed to farmers and ranchers.

Tags: Expected, Farmers, Life

Perfection has to do with the end product, but excellence has to do with the process.

Tags: End, Perfection, Process

The JOBS Act is the 'topic of the moment.'

Tags: Act, Jobs, Moment

This battle for global talent is so important.

Tags: Battle, Global, Talent

We need to make sure the Department of Agriculture is promoting farmers and ranchers.

Tags: Department, Farmers, Sure

We've become a country that is often risk averse. That's not the way to succeed.

Tags: Become, Country, Often

You're perceived as being a success if you find a job in some big city and work with hundreds of other people and draw a paycheck every month.

Tags: Job, Success, Work

Although his crusade in 1957 occurred at a time in our nation's history when race divided all, Reverend Graham refused to preach in segregated audiences.

Tags: History, Nation, Time

Big companies are often in the process of laying off workers. Small startup companies are the ones that are hiring. The statistics prove that's where job growth is going to occur.

Tags: Big, Job, Small

If we lose those people who come to the United States and get a PhD in computer engineering for example and they can't get a visa to stay in the United States, they are sent home, not only do we lose those people working here, but we lose the opportunity that they will have. They are the most likely entrepreneurs, people who will have a new idea.

Tags: Here, Home, Working
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My role is to try to remove the impediments to entrepreneurs' chance to succeed. It's about improving the business climate to give people a better chance of succeeding.

Tags: Business, Give, Try