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Jim Hodges's Quotes

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Born: 1956-11-19
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Jim Hodges

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Color is an intense experience on its own.

Tags: Color, Experience, Intense

When I make art, I think about its ability to connect with others, to bring them into the process.

Tags: Art, Others, Process

Color is for me the purest form of expression, the purest abstract reality.

Tags: Color, Expression, Reality

For a while, I thought a lot about lineage. Where do I belong? Who am I standing next to?

Tags: Next, Thought, While

As a viewer, my own work elicits strong emotional reaction from me.

Tags: Emotional, Strong, Work

But most people don't come up to me and express a lot of emotion.

Tags: Emotion, Express

However, some of my work is very subtle, and one should expect very subtle reactions to it.

Tags: Expect, However, Work

I move very slowly. It's usually material first. I sit with the material for a long time.

Tags: Move, Sit, Time

I think that some works are more accessible than others.

Tags: Accessible, Others, Works

I think young people have a wonderful reaction to color because it's not screwed up by too many references.

Tags: Color, Wonderful, Young

I wasn't interested in holding onto the evidence of things.

Tags: Evidence, Holding, Interested

I work from a personal place, and the work has personal meaning for me.

Tags: Personal, Place, Work

I'm an average person.

Tags: Average

Landscape is a piece that is emotional and psychological.

Tags: Emotional, Landscape, Piece

My latest works are these things with light bulbs.

Tags: Latest, Light, Works

Often, I work out of my work. One work takes me to the next thing.

Tags: Next, Often, Work

There is a broad range of reaction to the work, as there is a broad range of work I make.

Tags: Broad, Reaction, Work

When I started working with mirrors, it seemed to be the perfect material to stand in for that waiting.

Tags: Perfect, Waiting, Working

I was feeling a strong need to change, grow, and break with particular things that were going on in my life and my history, and the material was the perfect answer for that.

Tags: Change, History, Life

I was trying to write an autobiography using prints and patterns that reference emotional, psychological, and personal development in my work, as a person growing up, figuring out who I was. I used fabrics to stand in for occurrences.

Tags: Emotional, Trying, Work

It's as if I were collaborating with myself, revealing my relationship to the material. My hand would make the drawing. Then my mouth would transmit it.

Tags: Hand, Material, Mouth

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