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Joel McCrea's Quotes

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Born: 1905-11-05
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Joel McCrea

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After 87 pictures in 47 years, I knew when to quit.

Tags: After, Knew, Pictures

I don't believe in anti-heroes. Duke Wayne played a mean guy but never an anti-hero.

Tags: Guy, Mean, Played

I have no regrets, except perhaps one: I should have tried harder to be a better actor.

Tags: Actor, Regrets, Tried

I never pretended to be a great actor.

Tags: Actor, Great, Pretended

I turned down as many roles that I thought were beyond my abilities as I did ones I thought weren't good enough.

Tags: Enough, Good, Thought

My first business deal was with my mother. I invested in chickens. I sold the eggs to my mother.

Tags: Business, Deal, Mother

People say I'm a one-note actor, but the way I figure it, those other guys are just looking for that one right note.

Tags: Actor, Guys, Looking

I always felt so much more comfortable in the Western. The minute I got a horse and a hat and a pair of boots on, I felt easier. I didn't feel like I was an actor anymore. I felt like I was the guy out there doing it.

Tags: Actor, Guy, Horse

I liked doing comedies, but as I got older I was better suited to do Westerns. Because I think it becomes unattractive for an older fellow trying to look young, falling in love with attractive girls in those kinds of situations.

Tags: Love, Trying, Young
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Joel McCrea's quote #4
Joel McCrea's quote #4
Joel McCrea's quote #4
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