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John Lone's Quotes

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Born: 1952-10-13
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of John Lone

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I don't want to sound pompous, but I really think your gender doesn't necessarily dominate your sexual activity.

Tags: Activity, Sexual, Sound

An extraordinary diva would never sit by herself.

Tags: Diva, Herself, Sit

But I really want to be an artist, so therefore I have to live a little bit like a monk.

Tags: Artist, Bit, Monk

I grew up with art from the innocent age of ten - with art, but with no sense of identity.

Tags: Age, Art, Sense

I have no prejudice against male or female.

Tags: Against, Female, Prejudice

I have not lived so abundantly, full of family, full of continuity and history.

Tags: Family, Full, History

I know people look at me and try to make conclusions about me immediately, based on the obvious, let's say.

Tags: Based, Obvious, Try

I never grew up with a mother's hand - that's why I will forever be insecure, I think, in that primal way.

Tags: Insecure, Mother, Why

I really need to be alone. I can't deal with someone sleeping next to me.

Tags: Alone, Next, Someone

I wasn't playing a drag queen - I was playing an extraordinary performer.

Tags: Drag, Playing, Queen

I'm not involved with the female world.

Tags: Female, Involved

So, I lived at the Beijing Opera, I ate there, I learned a craft. And the money we made went into the company.

Tags: Company, Learned, Money

The beauty of it is when you can just show up and hit the notes.

Tags: Beauty, Hit, Show

The point I'm trying to make is, I'm really quite neutral. I have not been conditioned.

Tags: Point, Quite, Trying

When I was preparing for the film for tree weeks, with David Cronenberg, I had a lady friend come over.

Tags: Film, Friend, Lady

But as a woman, I really started feeling vulnerable on the set, and I really felt that it was important that I should not be open for invitation or making myself look as though I was waiting for something.

Tags: Feeling, Waiting, Woman

I am not well educated or bright enough to be politically clued in, but I hope in the film that I'm going to shock a few people, win a lot of people over.

Tags: Enough, Hope, Win

I didn't have parents, so I lived in people's homes... And because I grew up with no parental role models, I learned to become my own friend, eventually my own father and my own mother.

Tags: Father, Mother, Parents

If you come from a normal family, you immediately start playing the role of a boy, a girl a man or a woman, but I'm sure you'll agree with me that those are only roles, limited roles, at that.

Tags: Family, Girl, Woman
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