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Prejudice Quotes

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The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice.

Tags: History, Written  ✍ Author: Mark Twain

He had but one eye and the pocket of prejudice runs in favor of two.

Tags: Eye, Favor  ✍ Author: Charles Dickens

The less secure a man is, the more likely he is to have extreme prejudice.

Tags: Less, Likely  ✍ Author: Clint Eastwood

I think most people are more susceptible to prejudice than to reason.

Tags: Reason  ✍ Author: Roger Ebert

I have all my life fought against prejudice, having been subjected to it myself.

Tags: Against, Life  ✍ Author: John Galliano

There is no prejudice so strong as that which arises from a fancied exemption from all prejudice.

Tags: Arises, Strong  ✍ Author: William Hazlitt

Without the aid of prejudice and custom, I should not be able to find my way across the room.

Tags: Able, Room  ✍ Author: William Hazlitt

Prejudice is the child of ignorance.

Tags: Child, Ignorance  ✍ Author: William Hazlitt

Criticism is prejudice made plausible.

Tags: Criticism, Plausible  ✍ Author: H. L. Mencken

We don't have as much prejudice as we did 40 years ago, but today it is more educated.

Tags: Educated, Today  ✍ Author: Edward James Olmos

It is no coincidence that the growth of modern tyrants has in every case been heralded by the growth of prejudice.

Tags: Growth, Modern  ✍ Author: Henry A. Wallace

I paint according to the moment and the theme. I don't have any prejudice. Life concerns me.

Tags: Life, Moment  ✍ Author: Paul Allen

Reason transformed into prejudice is the worst form of prejudice, because reason is the only instrument for liberation from prejudice.

Tags: Reason, Worst  ✍ Author: Allan Bloom

The only prejudice I've found anywhere in TV is in some advertising agencies, and there isn't so much prejudice as just fear.

Tags: Fear, Found  ✍ Author: Nat King Cole

Bias and prejudice are attitudes to be kept in hand, not attitudes to be avoided.

Tags: Hand, Kept  ✍ Author: Charles Curtis

Dwarves are still the butt of jokes. It's one of the last bastions of acceptable prejudice.

Tags: Jokes, Last  ✍ Author: Peter Dinklage

History is mostly guessing; the rest is prejudice.

Tags: History, Rest  ✍ Author: Will Durant

The glaring injustice is there for all who are not blinded by prejudice to see.

Tags: Blinded, Injustice  ✍ Author: Bram Fischer

In a world filled with hate, prejudice, and protest, I find that I too am filled with hate, prejudice, and protest.

Tags: Hate, Protest  ✍ Author: Bob Gibson

There's an absolute prejudice that good movies are dramas and comedies are more dismissable. But I couldn't disagree more.

Tags: Good, Movies  ✍ Author: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Race prejudice can't be talked down, it must be lived down.

Tags: Lived, Race  ✍ Author: Shenae Grimes

Prejudice is a raft onto which the shipwrecked mind clambers and paddles to safety.

Tags: Mind, Safety  ✍ Author: Ben Hecht

Sometimes we feel the loss of a prejudice as a loss of vigor.

Tags: Loss, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Eric Hoffer

If people are informed they will do the right thing. It's when they are not informed that they become hostages to prejudice.

Tags: Become, Informed  ✍ Author: Charlayne Hunter-Gault

But the need for conflict to expose prejudice and unclear reasoning, which is deeply embedded in my philosophy of science, has its origin in these debates.

Tags: Philosophy, Science  ✍ Author: Robert B. Laughlin

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I know we can't abolish prejudice through laws, but we can set up guidelines for our actions by legislation.

Tags: Actions, Laws  ✍ Author: Belva Lockwood

I have no prejudice against male or female.

Tags: Against, Female  ✍ Author: John Lone

Like one of any minority, I have experienced prejudice.

Tags: Minority  ✍ Author: Steven Moffat

I came from a lot of intolerance and prejudice, which aren't necessarily healthy to evolve as a human.

Tags: Healthy, Human  ✍ Author: Katy Perry

No group of people has been more unjustly maligned in the twentieth century than the Puritans. As a result, we approach the Puritans with an enormous baggage of culturally ingrained prejudice.

Tags: Group, Result  ✍ Author: Winona Ryder

I have only one prejudice in horseflesh - I do not like a white one.

Tags: White  ✍ Author: Ernest Thompson Seton

Any deviation is looked upon as a perversion, is feared, and is usually a target of hatred and prejudice.

Tags: Hatred, Target  ✍ Author: Maj Sjowall

We all decry prejudice, yet are all prejudiced.

Tags: Prejudiced  ✍ Author: Herbert Spencer

Prejudice is a form of untruthfulness, and untruthfulness is an insidious form of injustice.

Tags: Injustice, Insidious  ✍ Author: Miroslav Volf

Eventually, I won the right to attend school, but the prejudice was still there.

Tags: School, Won  ✍ Author: Ryan White