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Joschka Fischer's Quotes

Joschka Fischer profile photo

Born: 1948-04-12
Profession: Politician
Nation: German
Biography of Joschka Fischer

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What will we do in a globalised world? All human beings are equal, so they have the same right to have the same lifestyle-the same social security, jobs, education.

Tags: Education, Human, Social

Everybody is talking today about the economy.

Tags: Everybody, Talking, Today

I don't believe, in the 21st century, in the balance of power system. This is a European idea of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Tags: Balance, Idea, Power

India has been contributing very much to the reconstruction of Afghanistan; we are strongly engaged there.

Tags: Engaged, India, Strongly

Solutions must be based on compromises.

Tags: Based, Solutions

The situation in Iraq is dangerous but the regional situation is also very complicated and precarious.

Tags: Dangerous, Iraq, Situation

There are differences in the world community. But we have a common interest in a strong multilateral system.

Tags: Community, Strong, System

There is an ongoing debate about the reform of the U.N. system.

Tags: Debate, Reform, System

We are ready to train new Iraqi forces outside Iraq. We did it in Abu Dhabi.

Tags: Iraq, Outside, Ready

We had to move forward after the war and see the realities.

Tags: After, Forward, War

We have every interest in seeing that the military use of nuclear power will be contained.

Tags: Interest, Military, Power

We will not send troops. Germany is not committed to Iraq - we will not commit ourselves with troops.

Tags: Committed, Iraq, Ourselves

You must see the persons who are in charge - persons you can punish or vote for.

Tags: Charge, Persons, Vote

A transitional government is the beginning of a transfer of sovereignty. It's a question of Iraqi security and moving forward with the political process.

Tags: Forward, Government, Moving

The participation in European elections was always not very exciting. People are very interested in European issues, but they don't see the person who is representing Europe.

Tags: Europe, Exciting, Interested

The United States is our most important ally. They helped us many times. Without the United States, the unification or German democratisation after the Nazi period would have been much more complicated, or almost impossible.

Tags: After, Impossible, Times

We have an interest in excellent relations because we are neighbours as Europeans with Russia. We are allies with the United States in the NATO framework.

Tags: Excellent, Interest, United

We shouldn't discuss the world of tomorrow in terms of becoming a balance to the United States. The real issue is whether the United States will define herself as part of the U.N. system-or not.

Tags: Balance, Real, Tomorrow

We were in opposition to the decision to go to war. But after the war happened, it was clear that you could not sit and look-there would be a breeding ground for terrorism or a new collapsed or failed state named Iraq!

Tags: After, Decision, War
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