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Carrie Fisher's Quotes

Carrie Fisher profile photo

Born: 1956-10-21
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Carrie Fisher

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I was born into big celebrity. It could only diminish.

Tags: Big, Born, Celebrity

I was street smart, but unfortunately the street was Rodeo Drive.

Tags: Drive, Smart, Street

I'll never be known for my work with boundaries.

Tags: Boundaries, Known, Work

If anything, my mother taught me how to sur-thrive. That's my word for it.

Tags: Mother, Taught, Word

Instant gratification takes too long.

Tags: Instant, Takes

Kevin Smith is a very challenging conversationalist and Jay has many great stories.

Tags: Great, Jay, Stories

Leia follows me like a vague smell.

Tags: Follows, Smell, Vague

Mistakes are a drag, because you get in the area of regret and self-pity.

Tags: Drag, Mistakes, Regret

Mothers are great. They outlast everything. But when they're bad, they're the worst thing that can happen.

Tags: Bad, Great, Happen

My mother's career was over at 40 but she was still trying to be everyone's buddy, always smiling for the cameras.

Tags: Career, Mother, Trying

No, as it turns out, I really like being congratulated on my weight loss. I like it so much, it's tragic.

Tags: Loss, Tragic, Weight

Now I say I'm a diarist with an explanation I'll get back to you on. Someday I may try and write in memoir form.

Tags: May, Try, Write

People are still asking me if I knew Star Wars was going to be that big of a hit. Yes, we all knew. The only one who didn't know was George.

Tags: Big, Knew, Star

The manic end of is a lot of fun.

Tags: End, Fun, Manic

The world of manic depression is a world of bad judgment calls.

Tags: Bad, Depression, Judgment

You can't find any true closeness in Hollywood, because everybody does the fake closeness so well.

Tags: Everybody, Fake, True

You can't find true affection in Hollywood because everyone does the fake affection so well.

Tags: Everyone, Fake, True

So when I was 24, someone suggested to me that I was bipolar, and I thought that was ridiculous. I just thought he was trying to get out of treating me. But he was also responding to the chaotic nature of my life.

Tags: Life, Nature, Someone

I did the traditional thing with falling in love with words, reading books and underlining lines I liked and words I didn't know. It was something I always did.

Tags: Love, Reading, Words

I have a mess in my head sometimes, and there's something very satisfying about putting it into words. Certainly it's not something that you're in charge of, necessarily, but writing about it, putting it into your words, can be a very powerful experience.

Tags: Experience, Powerful, Writing

I have two moods. One is Roy, rollicking Roy, the wild ride of a mood. And Pam, sediment Pam, who stands on the shore and sobs... Sometimes the tide is in, sometimes it's out.

Tags: Mood, Sometimes, Wild

My father was a joyous, joyous spirit, he really was. He was a hedonist, that was just - he enjoyed life, thrust up to the elbows with it. He was a terrible father. I don't know that he was parented that well.

Tags: Father, Life, Spirit

There's a line I have that our family was designed more for public than for private. But there are definitely some things that are only mine. I am someone who dreams at night, and you don't know what I'm dreaming.

Tags: Dreams, Family, Someone

Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Tags: Die, Resentment, Waiting

I don't think Christmas is necessarily about things. It's about being good to one another, it's about the Christian ethic, it's about kindness.

Tags: Good, Kindness

I'm fine, but I'm bipolar. I'm on seven medications, and I take medication three times a day. This constantly puts me in touch with the illness I have. I'm never quite allowed to be free of that for a day. It's like being a diabetic.

Tags: Free, Three, Times
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Certainly there are people who like me, but then there are those who don't know me who gossip about me. You can't believe the things I've heard.

Tags: Gossip, Heard

One of the great things to pretend is that you're not only alright, you're in great shape. Now to have that come true - I've actually gone on stage depressed and that's worked its magic on me, 'cause if I can convince you that I'm alright, then maybe I can convince me.

Tags: Actually, Great, True

I really love the internet. They say chat-rooms are the trailer park of the internet but I find it amazing.

Tags: Amazing, Internet, Love

I went to a doctor and told him I felt normal on acid, that I was a light bulb in a world of moths. That is what the manic state is like.

Tags: Him, Light, State

Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.

Tags: Another, Easy, Whether

I am a very discreet human when it comes to other people.

Tags: Discreet, Human

I like performing. I like partnering with an audience.

Tags: Audience, Performing

I think of my body as a side effect of my mind.

Tags: Body, Mind, Side

I'm very sane about how crazy I am.

Tags: Crazy, Sane

People see me and they squeal like tropical birds or seals stranded on the beach.

Tags: Beach, Birds, Tropical

I don't want to be thought of as a survivor because you have to continue getting involved in difficult situations to show off that particular gift, and I'm not interested in doing that anymore.

Tags: Difficult, Off, Thought

Acting engenders and harbours qualities that are best left way behind in adolesence.

Tags: Acting, Best, Left

Anything you can do in excess for the wrong reasons is exciting to me.

Tags: Exciting, Reasons, Wrong

As you get older, the pickings get slimmer, but the people don't.

Tags: Older

Drugs made me feel more normal.

Tags: Normal

He's a very strange guy, my father. I can't get mad at him because he's so adorable.

Tags: Father, Him, Strange

I am a spy in the house of me. I report back from the front lines of the battle that is me. I am somewhat nonplused by the event that is my life.

Tags: Battle, House, Life

I am mentally ill. I can say that. I am not ashamed of that. I survived that, I'm still surviving it, but bring it on. Better me than you.

Tags: Ashamed, Bring, Ill

I don't want to be a victim.

Tags: Victim

I have a chemical imbalance that, in its most extreme state, will lead me to a mental hospital.

Tags: Lead, Mental, State

I spent a year in a 12-step program, really committed, because I could not believe what had happened - that I might have killed myself.

Tags: Happened, Might, Year

I think that the truth is a really stern taskmistress.

Tags: Stern, Truth
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