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Josie Bissett's Quotes

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Born: 1970-10-05
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Josie Bissett

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I have to say, creating memories is so important to me that I did a book about creating memories for your family.

Tags: Book, Family, Memories

I want my kids to live their life with great family memories that they can pass on to their children.

Tags: Family, Great, Life

To be quite frank and honest with you, it drives me absolutely crazy when my kids fight, the sound of them fighting and not getting along.

Tags: Crazy, Fight, Fighting

I'd have to say, for me, as a child, my favorite memories were always centered around Christmas time. It always seemed like no matter how much money my parents had or didn't have, we got completely spoiled rotten. There were always presents under the tree, and we always did special things, like hide elves around the house.

Tags: Money, Time

If my kids decide to be actors and really, truly love it and are passionate about it, then I would definitely want to help them along their way, but it's a tough business.

Tags: Business, Help, Love
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Josie Bissett's quote #2
Josie Bissett's quote #2
Josie Bissett's quote #2
Josie Bissett's quote #2
Josie Bissett's quote #2