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Kathy Valentine's Quotes

Kathy Valentine profile photo

Born: 1959-01-07
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Kathy Valentine

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If you have to do it, then you're doing the right thing.

Tags: Less, Realize, Success

Because usually in the past when I was in a big band, that was all I did.

Tags: Band, Big, Past

But the Go-Go's are a very original, kind of organic thing.

Tags: Organic, Original

Every now and then, a lot of bands doing the same kind of music will organically sprout up at once.

Tags: Bands, Music, Once

I haven't been approached to do anything, but I would certainly make room for it. It was a really fun time.

Tags: Fun, Room, Time

I met Rodney when I first moved to LA, so I'd say 20 years. He's the eternal teenager.

Tags: Eternal, Moved, Teenager

I think it's a reflection of the music business in general, which to me seems very fragmented.

Tags: Business, Music, Reflection

I will be very grateful that I get to go out and play a song and get well paid for it.

Tags: Grateful, Paid, Song

I've struggled just as much as anyone else.

Tags: Anyone, Else, Struggled

Kids need stuff which is different than what their life is that they can kind of live through.

Tags: Kids, Life, Stuff

Obviously, the hit singles get the biggest reaction - that's when you can see people really getting excited.

Tags: Excited, Getting, Hit

The first album is a classic record and I think the prototype of a sound that no one else does.

Tags: Album, Else, Sound

The new material fits very comfortably with the older stuff.

Tags: Material, Older, Stuff

We always have a good time playing, and I'm glad it shows.

Tags: Good, Playing, Time

I'm friends with Carla Olsen and she's doing a lot of producing these days. She's getting quite a little collection of records that she's produced. She's real busy.

Tags: Busy, Friends, Real

I'm hoping that with the high profile that the Go-Go's are going to have over the next year, that if anybody is interested in what else I do, I'll have something I can say that I do.

Tags: Else, High, Year

It's kind of like family. I can't say that we go out to lunch and to the movies every day with each other. Everyone's fully grown adult women with lives.

Tags: Family, Movies, Women

It's very different than it use to be. I think everybody has a lot more experience in how to be in a relationship - whether it's a marriage or a significant other or a business or a friend.

Tags: Business, Experience, Marriage

We only get together when there's a good reason. Like, last summer, we didn't really intend to go out, but we thought the B-52's tour was a good opportunity.

Tags: Good, Thought, Together

When we finished the tour we had been writing together for a year. We moved forward from there and have just now finished our record. We're having a new record out in the Spring.

Tags: Forward, Together, Writing
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