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Kirsty Coventry's Quotes

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Born: 1983-09-16
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Zimbabwean
Biography of Kirsty Coventry

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Everyone there including President Mugabe knows something needs to change because so many people are hurting.

Tags: Change, Everyone, Hurting

I have always stayed out of politics, I don't believe it would be appropriate to talk about it.

Tags: Politics, Stayed, Talk

I take any opportunity I can to raise our country's flag really high and get some shining positive light on things over there.

Tags: Country, Light, Positive

In athletics, older runners tend to go for longer races, but it's the opposite in swimming because your body can't handle the endurance.

Tags: Body, Endurance, Older

It is much harder to retain your position at the top than to get to the top.

Tags: Harder, Position, Top

People have to remain positive and believe in those dreams. It's really important.

Tags: Dreams, Positive, Remain

Everyone at home is so supportive. People recognise me, say how proud they are of me. It's awesome to hear, it's amazing to know I can touch so many people in a positive way.

Tags: Amazing, Home, Positive

There are younger, stronger swimmers coming up and they are hungry. I can't influence what they do, I only know what I can do and I know how greedy I am to defend my title.

Tags: Coming, Greedy, Influence

The wooden walls are the best walls of this kingdom.

Tags: Best, Kingdom, Walls
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Kirsty Coventry's quote #4
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