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Kristin Kreuk's Quotes

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Born: 1982-12-30
Profession: Actress
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Kristin Kreuk

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When I was in elementary school, I used to write letters to myself. I'd write letters and go 'Dear Kristen-at-16-years-old, happy birthday. I hope you're doing something.'

Tags: Birthday, Happy, Hope

I can travel anywhere in the world and I can pretty much fit in.

Tags: Fit, Pretty, Travel

I did gymnastics when I was growing up and to this day I can still do the splits.

Tags: Growing, Gymnastics, Splits

I didn't play video games because my parents didn't allow it. That was banned from my childhood experience.

Tags: Experience, Games, Parents

I get uncomfortable in large groups of people and loud music.

Tags: Groups, Large, Music

I quit karate originally because it wasn't something that I was initially passionate about.

Tags: Karate, Passionate, Quit

I think the education I've had as an actor I would never have had at university.

Tags: Actor, Education, University

I took piano for many years. I kicked and screamed through all of my lessons, but my mom really insisted.

Tags: Mom, Piano, Took

I was one of those kids who wanted to do everything, I wanted to be a marine biologist, an actress, a writer, an environmentalist, an activist.

Tags: Kids, Wanted, Writer

I wasn't raised with a specific religion. I wasn't raised to judge people in any way.

Tags: Judge, Religion, Specific

In high school, I was the biggest procrastinator in the world.

Tags: Biggest, High, School

It's not that easy to find someone I can relate too. I'm tough to crack because I'm shy.

Tags: Easy, Someone, Tough

Just because I don't do bad things doesn't mean I don't have bad thoughts.

Tags: Bad, Mean, Thoughts

There isn't a specific person in my mind that I'd want to play. Yet.

Tags: Mind, Specific

I just want to portray a very honest character that displays traits that people can truly relate to and can help them - the audience and myself because I learn from the characters as well - help them see themselves in a perspective that is outside of what they know already, and grow from that experience.

Tags: Character, Experience, Help
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