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Langhorne Slim's Quotes

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Born: 1980-08-20
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Langhorne Slim

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Before I had a record deal, I was living in New York and playing anywhere I could, from somebody's house to an open mic to coffeeshops.

Tags: Living, Playing, Somebody

I guess I'm attracted to people who are singing about love or life, and they have a particular passion that I can connect with.

Tags: Life, Love, Passion

I love a lot of music that's considered folk music, but I also love a lot of music that's considered punk or considered rap. I don't mind being called a folk singer. But it seems a bit limiting. I want to be able to write whatever kind of song I want.

Tags: Love, Mind, Music

I'm very proud of my records, but my most natural creative tendencies have been in live performing. There's a beautiful element to recording and making records, but I've always felt a little shy with it.

Tags: Beautiful, Creative, Proud

If someone asked what kind of music I play, I wouldn't say I'm a folk singer; however, if folk music means music for the people, and playing music to entertain them and share different messages, then sure, I'd like to think that I'm part folk singer.

Tags: Means, Music, Someone

Some people don't like my songs because they think they're too simple or easy or not that thought-out. I feel like the way I write is pretty simple, in some ways, because I'm trying to connect. I want a lot of people to hear it, and be moved in some way.

Tags: Pretty, Simple, Trying

To be very honest, I never thought I would graduate from high school. I got very lucky to get into an alternative high school, which really saved my butt.

Tags: Honest, School, Thought

When I listen to most forms of music, in their most raw and pure, it all has a punk edge to me, like Lead Belly, Jimmie Rodgers, Otis Redding or Nirvana.

Tags: Listen, Music, Punk
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