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Laurel Quotes

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But at the same time you can't assume that making a difference 20 years ago is going to allow you to sort of live on the laurels of those victories for the rest of your life.

Tags: Life, Making, Time  ✍ Author: Angela Davis

People who refuse to rest honorably on their laurels when they reach retirement age seem very admirable to me.

Tags: Age, Rest, Seem  ✍ Author: Helen Hayes

Force may subdue, but love gains, and he that forgives first wins the laurel.

Tags: Force, Love, May  ✍ Author: William Penn

I have been accused of being a very simplistic, very lyrical player, and that's okay. That just comes from the blues, which is my background. But every day you wake up and transcend. You can't ever rest on your laurels.

Tags: Blues, Player, Rest  ✍ Author: Carlos Santana

There's a lot of guys that just get comfortable with their positions and rest on their laurels. I had to earn my way.

Tags: Earn, Guys, Rest  ✍ Author: Paul Walker

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