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Lydia Lunch's Quotes

Lydia Lunch profile photo

Born: 1959-06-02
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Lydia Lunch

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Because we have so much eye candy and mind candy, spending so much time trying to pay the rent, all of this conspires to keep us from thinking too hard or taking action from that. Our time is stolen. So much of our daily life is stolen.

Tags: Life, Mind, Time

I'm a very sympathetic person, but that doesn't always come across in my work because I'm too busy being mad at everything.

Tags: Busy, Mad, Work

I'm a total pleasure seeker. I pursue anything that satisfies me. I usually get it. I have specific needs and I know what they are so I can achieve satisfaction.

Tags: Achieve, Needs, Pleasure

I'm nihilistic, antagonistic, violent, horrible - but not obliterated, yet. I just refuse to be beaten down. I think it's stubborness that keeps me going.

Tags: Horrible, Refuse, Violent

I am a humanist not a feminist. There's a big difference.

Tags: Big, Difference, Feminist

I think it's important to encourage gluttony in all its formats.

Tags: Encourage, Formats, Gluttony

I used to think feminism was a liberating force - now I see many of those people are just censors under a different name.

Tags: Force, Name, Used

I would be humiliated if I found out that anything I did actually became a commercial success.

Tags: Actually, Found, Success

I'm completely optimistic - I know the end is coming!

Tags: Coming, End, Optimistic

I'm like a one-woman protest machine.

Tags: Machine, Protest

Just because my bank account hasn't swelled astronomically I don't consider myself any less of a success.

Tags: Consider, Less, Success

'Musician' is not a very respected title. I'm not a musician.

Tags: Musician, Respected, Title

Part of the charm of what I do is the fact that it's completely unrelated to everything that came before.

Tags: Charm, Fact, Unrelated

Politics are always involved, even in my love songs.

Tags: Love, Politics, Songs

Sure you're powerless, sure you're just one person, sure you can't change anything... but you don't have to be miserable about it as well.

Tags: Change, Miserable, Sure

Think your own thoughts.

Tags: Thoughts

I just prefer instrumental. I don't need to hear what other people are singing. And if I need music as a backdrop to work or to think, I need to have that part of the brain clear - I don't need people feeding their fantasies into my vision.

Tags: Brain, Music, Work

I think my speeches are hilarious. I think I'm a natural comedian, but I like denying people the chance to laugh. I want to deny you the relief of the punchline.

Tags: Chance, Laugh, Natural

If people could understand how much pleasure they could have by themselves, I think everyone would be a lot saner. I think that people really need a dose of quality time with one's self.

Tags: Self, Time, Understand

The female format is a beautiful one in which to function. Foolhardy as it may be. I change my image all the time, it's whatever suits me at the moment.

Tags: Beautiful, Change, Time
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